CD-I Don't Know About These Games, Man

Giant Bomb showcase a fraction of the CD-i's quality lineup.

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swishersweets200311499d ago

Gee' it sure is boring around here. I just wonder what Gannons up to? OH BOY!!!!! My Boy! This feast is all true warriors strive for !!

eferreira1499d ago

I have all 3 of the zelda cdi games and 2 of the not for resale discs.

WeAreLegion1499d ago

You mean the greatest games ever made?

Summons751499d ago

I thought we were all in agreement that we Dont talk about the CDi games EVER, hell not even devs acknowledge their creation.

diehllane1498d ago

I had a sealed copy of Wand of Gamelon a guy threw in when I bought my CD-i off ebay 8 years ago.
I regret selling all that stuff off.

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