Sony announces TGS 2014 lineup

Sony has announced its lineup for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and just a tad of PlayStation 3.

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Catoplepas1438d ago

Should be interesting to see what they announce at the conference.

Something from Level 5 seems like a safe bet. Sony seem to have a relatively close relationship with them. Another Dark Cloud perhaps?

FlameHawk1438d ago
Yup, I'm really hoping for Ni No Kuni 2 but whatever from Level 5 as long as it's a RPG.

bouzebbal1438d ago

is Destiny exclusive to PS4 in Japan? is it SCE publishing?

FlameHawk1438d ago

@abzdiine, it is currently exclusive for PS4 in Japan and SCE is not publishing I think. Probably part of their partnership between Activision though I really doubt it will make a difference.

Yi-Long1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Really looking forward to seeing the new Guilty Gear, cause graphically it just looks amazing.

Some FULLHD footage of Dead or Alive 5 would be nice as well, plus seeing what new stuff it will bring.

And of course interested in Disgaea 5.

Really hoping for some cool surprises as well, and a bit disappointed there's no mention of the new Hot Shots Golf or Persona 5.

NewMonday1438d ago

the domination of the PS4 in the west is making Japanese developers support PS4 faster than they did PS3 because the install base was split with the 360 back then, now the core gamer base is concentrated on the PS4 making it a solid platform for games and less risky, almost all the tradition big Japanese games are coming to the PS4, It's like the PS2 era all over again.

IIFloodyII1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

@abzdiine Yes, they said it was at their pre TGS conference. I don't think they're publishing though.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1438d ago

Wont happen. Stuido Gibili closed down recently. (i.e. no one to do the art)

Evilsnuggle1438d ago

A lot of fanboys on N4G make a big deal out of PS4 slowing sell in Japan. But these fanboys do understand why. Fanboys think The PS4 will not sell well because of mobiles and handleds. No the Japanese hardware sells are driven by software sales. When PS4 gets games on it(Japanese games) . That the Japanese consumers want they will buy it. And PS4 will dominate the home console market in Japan. Just like in every country around the world.

Jaqen_Hghar1438d ago

A man isn't a JRPG fan but can appreciate a huge sprawling and beautiful world of NiNoKuni

DragonKnight1438d ago

Ok I have some questions for people who might know.

How given are the Japanese gamers to purchasing and playing sports related games like UFC, both soccer games, and Driveclub?

Same question about the shooters on that list.

And by Playroom, do they mean the app? If so, that's a waste of time on Sony's part unless Japan doesn't have it yet.

Sony needs better PR people to plan these events. They've been really slacking on what games they should show in favour of mostly indie titles and stuff everyone's already seen.

Looks like their Vita focus is what's going to drive the show.

FamilyGuy1437d ago

Level 5 was working on a PS4 version of Wonder Flick last I heard.

FlameHawk1437d ago

@FamilyGuy, yeah but Wonder Flick was announced way before this article which means they are working on another PS4 title.

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Gamer19821438d ago

Bladestorm: The HYW & Nightmare!!! OMG they are finally making a sequel to one of my favourite most under rated games of all time! So excited. So glad I bought a PS4 now for this exclusive title.

DemonChicken1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

The VITA!!!! Really looking forward to the Chaos rings and Phastasy star

Oh wait Sega ....... fml, PS Nova is never going to make it over here. Speaking of which SE as well. Sigh.

But bonus consolation; God Eater, Legend of Heroes and Gundam Breaker

in before the ugh [insert missing game here], playable games at booths, I believe there is going to be announcements at a live conference too.

DarkLord10031438d ago

I tought they announced everything on Sept 1st....
Sooooooo... there is going to be more??

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francisjairam161438d ago

No Kingdom Hearts 3? UGH!!!!

sinncross1438d ago

You thought KH3 was going to randomly be playable after SE's TGS lineup had the game missing?

TheLyonKing1438d ago

Don't quote me on it but u am sure one of the developers said this year is the year of Kingdom hearts 2.5 which is why nothing was to show for 3

Jaqen_Hghar1438d ago

A man has taken the attitude of waiting until we get an official date with that one. No reason to continually get hung up on one game when we can be enjoying so many others. Too much anticipation and no payoff saps the joy out of gaming.

elninels1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

Are you a grammar nazi, or are you foreign? It is rare to see the average comment to include "one" or "a man" instead of I or me.


If there are no persona, ffxv, kh3, fire emblem X shin megami tensei (nintendo I know) details (which there won't be) then I dont care.

....unless kojima unveils additional multiplayer (something akin to mgs4's multiplayer). Can't rule it out however I see it as unlikely to be announced. That is if it even exists.

The phantom pain will be great, however I'll be bummed if classic multiplayer isn't in there.

Edited for grammar.

DualWielding1438d ago

I have a feeling the biggest cue at TGS will be the one for trying Summer Lesson

talocaca1438d ago

Hopefully something interesting for Vita...I love the system and 3DS is getting a refresh, Smash Bros, Youkai Watch and a New Monster Hunter.


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