Google forced to refund $19mil, highlights possible parental issues

Google has agreed to refund $19 million in unauthorized application purchases via Google Play. These purchases have largely been made by unauthorized family members, namely the children of the account holder. The question is, should the parents pick up some of the responsibility of their kids actions?

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plut0nash1555d ago

IMO parents have first responsibility - but kids are damn smart these days, speaking as a parent.

CongoKyle1555d ago

Not the first time this has happened. Something similar went down with Apple a while back. Suck Google has to fork it out now :/

Sillicur1555d ago

Yeh apple had to pay around $30 mil. So i guess google wins again :)

1554d ago
Majin-vegeta1554d ago

Thank god I have no kids and never have to worry about this kind of stuff >_>

DanielGearSolid1554d ago

The only reason I would want a kid is to train him as a young boy to try and be the strongest saiyian on earth....

Kinda like wat u did with trunks

ChickeyCantor1554d ago

Mo money mo money. Not having kids myself either.

lsujester1554d ago

Blows my mind how quickly kids are digging into electronics. My niece is more capable with Windows at 7 than I was at 20.

Having said that, if you don't want your kids buying apps, don't ge them a smartphone and don't let them use yours. Google/Apple should definitely have ways of restriction, but the responsibility should be on the parents.

ChickeyCantor1554d ago

What a load of crap. I hate it when people buy devices but do not educate themselves on the plusses and downsides. Don't give your phone to your kid, period.

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