Xbox One launches in tier 2 countries: Thanks for waiting – here’s less stuff!

Simon Lundmark: "Xbox One launched to little fanfare in Sweden on Friday. Granted, import units have been readily available for the past year, making the whole thing into a bit of a non-event. Those of us who placed that pre-order ahead of an expected November 2013 release, and held on to it, were promised some sort of compensation for waiting until March 2014 - that is until March turned out to be September."

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MysticStrummer1530d ago

The people who have been using tier 2 countries as an excuse for the sales gap?

OT - "Those of us who placed that pre-order ahead of an expected November 2013 release, and held on to it, were promised some sort of compensation for waiting until March 2014"

I wonder what sort of compensation they were expecting.

To be fair though, it's not surprising that MS would have a tough time adapting Kinect to their language…

mikeslemonade1530d ago

Did MS really think this over?? How hard and how much money it would take to localize the system at the specific regions.

MRMagoo1231530d ago

From what i can see now they released in a few other countries is that they didn't delay for localisation at all, they delayed because they wanted to hold off shipping consoles to other countries and keep them in the tier 1 countries they thought would get them all the sales, the localisation excuse was just to cover that up, low move imo. This is evidenced by the fact localisation hasn't even been done.

Think about it , anyone who disagrees, why delay 10 months if they where basically just selling the USA version in those other countries, they could have released day 1 in the tier 2 countries.

stuna11529d ago

People fail to realize this is all a balancing act when you look at it. Like Mystic said above,Microsoft themselves were using the excuse as well, that in turn gave the fanbase and supporter hope that there would be a major turn around in sales for the Xbox1! Only Microsoft knew the logistics of releasing in these tier 2 countries, they knew that even combined they wouldn't account for a large percentage of overall sales. Only the blind and unhearing would think it would.

This is Microsoft 3rd Console; Do people really believe they don't know where their products will or, won't sell well!? Speaking on balancing things there has to be a timing involved, do it to quickly not enough penetration into the market! Do it to late, people lose interest.

SonofGod1530d ago

The author got a point. I decided to hold on to my XO pre order from June last year because MS promised me that we would be compensated for the wait. MS also said that they delayed it to add local language support. Have they done that? Nope. SO what have MS been doing the last 10 months?

We were promised to be compensated for the delay and it turned out to just be a copy of Dance Central Spotlight -_-

I've been with Xbox for a long time but now it's starting to feel like MS wants to lose customers for some reason.

cyhm31121530d ago ShowReplies(3)
xXSasukeXx1530d ago

its not a shitty console..its a darn good console ty..they all youngins crack me up with this bashing of xbox one

1530d ago
Artista 1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

unlucky :/

waiting that long, yet you've got less content.
That's gotta be annoying.

headblackman1530d ago

either way, im sure they'll enjoy it because the x1 has so much and can do so much that a little missing wont make a difference. especially when you know that microsoft is good at updating and fixing any and all issues with just a little time. so i repeat! EITHER WAY THEY WILL ENJOY IT!

s45gr321530d ago

The swedes like the author waited almost a year for the xbox one and now that they got it. It has less content,so to them it feels like they got cheated and to piss them off Microsoft teases them with content they can't buy and enjoy. So they're not jolly right now. Ten months and can't get a console with all the updates the rest of the world has along with say content man these console manufacturers are lazy as hell nowadays.

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