MG Snore: How to Pass Time During MGS4's Cutscenes

Become an expert at multitasking, courtesy of Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid's excessively long cutscenes.

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Fishy Fingers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Whaaa? I'm getting sick of these, if your not interested in watching them, say it's your second play through or what ever, SKIP them.

SKIP SKIP SKIP... easy no?

resistance1003834d ago

Have you been banned to the Open zone or something?

Still this is blantely a jibe for the hate mail.

Why on earth would someone skip the cut scenes.

Fishy Fingers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Yeah your probably right, for me, the cut scenes are almost as good as the gameplay.
But that's exactly what I hoped/expected, I wanted something different from MGS, something more personal than your normal game, and by god they delivered (imo).

...and yeah, banned till Thursday and bubbles removed :( Still guess I deserved it, moment of weakness.

ps... I'm as big a movie buff as gamer, perhaps that helps.

Metal Gear Solid3834d ago

Stay where you are Fish. Nobody wants you in the gamer zone.

Fishy Fingers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Got a funny feeling we'll be switching places very soon. But thanks for sticking your opinion in where it was neither wanted or needed.

and you've been a member since? nice to see you casting your aspersion's so soon.

Ali_The_Brit3834d ago

I agree, fishy stay here your one of the few members i like =)

TheSadTruth3834d ago

this was the hilarious

and the sony sheep are too stupid to stop going to his site every time he says something bad about a ps3 game

you're probably going to see a lot more of this since all you Sony nerds are practically putting cash straight into his pocket

Kleptic3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Chris Buffa is easily the internet's biggest [email protected] currently...

^^thesadtruth...and all the 360 nerds are sitting around doing absolutely nothing...confused as to why their console never came close to creating real-time cutscenes that looked as good...

complain that they are long all you any half-witted and above individual would tell can skip all or part of each cutscene...the only reason that idiot made this was because the entire internet, except for you few pathetic 360 idiots that still won't wake up, called him out...when anonymous internet posters call you out, and actually make perfect sense as to why your review was 100% tend to lash out in a childish manner...this is a perfect example...

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Condoleezza Rice3834d ago

Will someone send the author a Tissue,along with a copy of Pretty Woman?

resistance1003834d ago

Its that man Chris Buffa again

morganfell3834d ago


The clown is only doing it because of the controversy. In his ignorance he fails to realize that his bashing fad is grown old and will fade and then he will never be taken seriously as a writer again...ever.

CrashSharc3834d ago

Here's a great way to pass the time:

Go to Gamestop/EBgames and trade in your PS3 and PS3 games including the MGS4 that bores you so, because you definitely don't deserve to enjoy the Masterpiece which is MGS4.

donator3834d ago

Does Bloodmask spend every minute of his days looking for game news to report on N4G?

Light Yagami3834d ago

Have you read bloodmask's bio? "I have a great disdain towards Sony fanboys. I do not understand their bizarre emotional attachment to their console."

Umm...its the same reason you have an attachment with the 360 bloodmask. he does spend most of his time here. his 360 must've RROD. Also what about 360 fanboys bloodmask? do you not hate them?

XBOX 3603834d ago

Well IT IS coming from the same site that said the Xbox 360 is the "Greatest Console of ALL time in the history of video games"


3834d ago
beoulve3834d ago

Light Yagami, he loved them, just like he and Zhuk(a diehard xbox 360 troll) used to work together. Should watch them pat themselves in the forum last time.

donator3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

He does seem to be a hypocrite. I hope that when he is at a time where he can reflect upon his life, he'll see how fruitless his bias was and how big of a hypocrite he was. I've come to accept the existence of fanboys anyway. But I'm just curious where he finds the time to devote to N4G. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for some of his contributions, but surely, there must be something else he can do?

RememberThe3573834d ago

Hey I got a good idea. How about you watch them.

BLuKhaos3834d ago

Apparently this guy Chris has the attention span of a potato.Why does this fruit continue to bash this game? Did his 360 rrod? Did his girlfriend leave him because his "snake" wasn't solid enough?(corny) heck I wouldn't been surprised if he was going through menopause with the ways he's been acting.

juuken3834d ago

Bloodmask is very hypocritical. He claims Sony owners have an emotional attachment to their console and yet he defends the 360 to the death.

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nightfallinicedearth3834d ago

Dude just go play a game that doesn't have any cut scenes, its really that simple. Stop trashing an amazing game, if you have a problem with it don't play. there, problem solved.

c64days3834d ago

If he couldn't find out, by hem self, that he's only need to press the X button, then MGS 4 story and cut-scenes, are too much for hes brain.

we don't want hem to have brain damage. so he better stay with cusual games.

Megaton3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Why would he do that when he can reiterate his hatred of all things phenomenal? It's too logical and easy to simply skip the scenes.

I'm not the kind to blacklist sites, because everyone is capable of pulling a gem out of their ass once in awhile, but the fact that this guy is allowed to run his mouth over there just tells me that it's little more than amateur hour at GameDaily. Not sure how they came to be taken seriously in the first place. Seems like Bloodmask is the only user posting their articles here.

spec_ops_comm3834d ago

And cried for 36 consecutive hours.

Seriously - should anyone who didn't think to press the 'Start' button during any videogame cutscene (let alone MGS4) be allowed to write and publish GAME reviews? Think about it.