Why VR Is Not The Future

VR has been getting a lot of buzz lately with Facebook’s Oculus Rift leading the charge and Sony trying to enter the market with Project Morpheus within the next few years. Even Samsung is trying to get a piece of the pie having just revealed a VR headset for mobile devices……but why all the fuss about VR?

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HanzoHattori1530d ago

Morpheus will definitely be a hit if the price is right. The 200-300 dollar price range is key along with software support. Silent Hills, Outlast, and other first-person games would benefit from Morpheus. The release of Morpheus will be a defining moment for Sony and PS4. For others, it could spell the end of their brands being associated with console gaming.

tuglu_pati1529d ago

It may be the future when and if they come up with a way of making it less big and bulky as of right now I just don't see it.

amiga-man1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Who knows which way it will go, it certainly has potential and offers a really unique playing experience.

This is not the VR of old the tech has come a long way since then, If I were a betting man I would bet on it succeeding, one things for sure righting it off at this moment in time is being very short sighted.

mcstorm1529d ago

@HanzoHattori I don't think it will be a hit at all. 1st of all if its £200 to £300 it will not sell well as you need more then one for multi player games so that's $400 to £600.
Other reason I don't think it will be a success is people don't want things strapped to there faces as we live in a multi tasking world. Example. My brother players online a lot and often plays on this pc or console but then will be texting updating Facebook ect when loading games in the middle of games ect. With VR you have to take if off and put it back on and it will be too much effort for some.

I like the teach and its a great idea but its not practical and because of this I don't see it being a success.

I also agree with tuglu_pati as it is to bulky at the moment too.

NexGen1529d ago

I disagree. I want full immersion.

1529d ago
mcstorm1529d ago

@NexGen & kalkano I agree with what you are saying but this is what most people want from consoles and how consoles are used. VR looks amazing but it is like 3D its not needed and the price will be too high esp for gaming. Gamers want practical devices and VR is not for the reasons above.

You need to remember a lot of gamers are pickup and play gamers and they don't want to be messing about with extra kit.

turdburgler10801529d ago

VR will fail hard. It always has and it always will. People who say this isn't your dad's VR have never even used it. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Can't wait for all the YouTube videos of people throwing up all over the place.

Gh05t1529d ago

I totally cant wait for all the YouTube videos of people playing their VR and their brother/sister coming up and hitting them in the balls because they didn't see it coming... or any number of other pranks you could do with someone who is not able to see since they are "immersed".

I can already see a comeback of Americas funniest home videos.

HanzoHattori1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

The only reason some people want it to fail is because it won't be available on their platform of choice. Weak sauce at it's worst.

Gh05t1529d ago

Some people think the earth is flat... there are always "some" people.

I would not say the majority of those that think/want this to fail are worried about their platform. To be honest I am more worried it would COME to my platform of choice if it doesn't fail.

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URNightmare1529d ago

Why all the fuss about VR? Ask the elders for a good impression to why all the fuss...


That's why.

Kivespussi1529d ago

Don't think that elders are the target audience...

URNightmare1529d ago

You are not getting the point of it. Did you even watch the vid? Listen to what they say. VR is what any gamer dreamed of as a kid. The elders in the video are not even gamers and look at them! And it's not just for games where this will make a big impact, and someone comes asking "why all the fuss about VR?" Come on!

It will be a few years until we see VR at full throttle but it will be a useful accessory in many ways!

700p1529d ago

when i see someone wearing that stupid device on their head, im like"im glad im not one of those morons wearing that". Its gonna fail.

jnemesh1529d ago

Spoken like someone who has never tried it! This is going to be the future of interactive entertainment. Once Oculus and Morpheus release to the public, word of mouth will ensure healthy sales, and this guy will be eating a lot of crow!

OptimusC1529d ago

VR will go the way of 3D. Both have been done, both failed. People don't want shit all over their face. Put more resources to create some sort of screen that will produce almost no energy output, but allow for the most crystal clear image. Then, let's talk.

tontontam01529d ago

Yeah you will probably see HMD with crystal clear image in the future.

URNightmare1529d ago

No. What is still holding 3D back is the entry price to this feature. 3D capable TVs are not cheap at all! We are talking about at least $1.500(TV + Console) to experience 3D gaming compared to a $250-$300 VR device.

pompombrum1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Who knows if it's the future and if it will take off however I certainly am excited to see where they can potentially take it and the unique experiences that it can offer.

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