Not a Single Xbox One Game Makes the Top Twenty in Major Japanese Retailer’s Charts

Like every week, the major Japanese retailer Tautaya published its charts to give a glimpse on what games achieved the best sales in Japan last week. This time around the chart is quite relevent, as it represents the first week of sales of Xbox One games in the archipelago of the rising sun.

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URNightmare1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Wow! This is extreme now. Indication that system sales are really, really low. 3DS is boss in Japan, holy crap!!

Septic1530d ago

Well many of us expected X1 to tank in Japan.

Funnily enough, it was Dualshockers that had the most optimistic view of the X1's prospects in Japan.

Freedomland1530d ago

Yeah, what do they expect, a landslide.

frenchtoast1530d ago

Queues weren't too big so to be expected I think. Plus, I can't really think of a Japan-centric game for Xbox yet.

morganfell1530d ago


Some expected this to be huge.


"These additional 29 territories will help MS close the gap on the PS4".

Remember that?

Its one of the latest entries on the chalkboard. So this matters. Now these people that keep writing on that chalkboard will have to line through and pick their next fall back position for the next entry.

pinkcrocodile751530d ago

Why do we care about Japan? well I suppose if we were Japanese we would!.

Other than that Japan really ins't important on the global market place anymore.

Why do we care?

tuglu_pati1530d ago

Console overall sales are pretty bad in Japan. This was a no brainer.

choujij1530d ago

This pretty much confirms the system is DOA.

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C-H-E-F1530d ago ShowReplies(3)
jjonez181530d ago

It should be noted that this retailer does not count bundled games. Most bundles in Japan are giving away 2+ games. So we should see some green on Media Create this Wednesday. Still, these sales will be a train wreck nonetheless.

3-4-51530d ago

If XB1 is going to succeed in Japan, it's going to take 1-4 years to establish and find a game they go crazy for.

Like I said before, They need a Monster Hunter Clone.

BitbyDeath1530d ago

They'll likely be too focused on trying to win back America.

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Eonjay1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Honestly, can someone tell me why it would be there. What in the world would make someone think that an Xbox One game would chart?
What I am specifically asking is: What fact based reference would someone use to come to the conclusion that any of Xbox One's games would top the Japanese charts? I mean objectively.

amiga-man1530d ago

Eonjay is correct this isn't a news story, if a game had charted that would have been a news story, the Japanese were never going to be interested in the xone, it's not patricularly selling well anywhere, so Japan is hardly surprising.

I'm not even sure why MS launched it there.

die_fiend1530d ago

MS launched in Japan because they're stupid. They're never going to make any money there, and it's not cheap to translate everything.

Mikelarry1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

atleast Titanfall at even number 20 since its got giant mech robots as those are big in Japan no?? guess they dont even care so as long as its "american" giant mech robots

@ amiga

"I'm not even sure why MS launched it there"

yeah it really doesn't make sense, wasted resource in my book

Darkfist1530d ago

not enough it should be giant mech+bewbs

memots1530d ago

Darkfist + 14h ago
not enough it should be giant mech+bewbs

Dont forget tentacle and school girl uniform and we got a winner.

Outthink_The_Room1528d ago

Titanfall is Japan's biggest seller, not DR3. Who made this list, because it isn't even correct.

How can this article be passed off as fact when numbers are wrong? We're sinking to a whole new low here people....

Abriael1530d ago

Top? No. I did expect at least a couple to *make* the top 20, to be honest.

Eonjay1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Fair enough.

I remember reading an article that explained the line up. There were about 22 games released but only five were true exclusives that you needed an Xbox One for. When you look at it from this perspective and compare the performance (looking at turnout in lieu of Media Create) to the Xbox 360; the Xbox 360 did much better because of it had compelling exclusives. Realizing this help to put things into perspective for me.

I do appreciate the article though detailing the top Xbox One games. Thanks.

IrishSt0ner1530d ago

Objectively, Titanfall is the highest selling exclusive game worldwide for this new generation, so one may expect it to rank in at least the top 20. However, very low demand for the Xbox One would explain why it's most popular exclusive doesn't rank.

Eonjay1530d ago

Actually Titanfall isn't exclusive to Xbox One. It launched on PC and Xbox 360 in Japan months ago. When you look at the listing for top Xbox One Games, Dead Rising 3 ranks first. Among Xbox One games, Titanfall ranked 13th in Japan behind Zoo Tycoon, Theif, and Plants vs Zombies.

Gamer19821530d ago

"Objectively, Titanfall is the highest selling exclusive game worldwide for this new generation" Erm nope.. try again

IrishSt0ner1530d ago

Lol stoned yes, doesn't change the fact Titanfall for Xbox One (with half the install base) has sold more than any Playstation only game. It's not exclusive, it's not doing well in Japan etc.. won't change that truth :D

Spotie1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Objectively, Killzone has outsold Titanfall, reaching 2 million in January (obviously higher now) while Titanfall has only just reached that mark last month.

Unless you're using the ever objective VGChartz.


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xilx1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

It's not that people expect an xbone game to chart all the time, but this is during the console's launch week, you'd expect people to be picking up games to play with the consoles they buy. With the console's launch, it'd be one of the highest points of (weekly) sales the console should see in its life, and you'd expect at least one title to tag along with the console sales and at least break the top 20 (granted I don't know what released over there recently, there could be a bunch of major releases for other systems with huge install bases).

Death1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Objectively? If memory serves me correctly, with 300,000+ at launch the PS4 didn't tear up the software charts either.

Here's Mediacrate from the first week.

Here's week 2
10 in the top 20.

Eonjay1530d ago

Obviously, I'm sure you see the problem with your post. The PS4 had half of the top twenty. With the lowest entry coming in at 6.5k. The Xbox One had 0 entries. None. Still lets wait for Media Create before we make any decisions.

Angeljuice1530d ago

Any brand new console release would expect to garner at least one title in the top 20. I thought there was supposed to be a big expectation for TitanFall to do well.

Eonjay1530d ago

"Any brand new console release would expect to garner at least one title in the top 20. "

Agreed. But at the same time, any brand new console would be expected to garner moderate levels of interest, anticipation and enthusiasm, which the Xbox One did not have.

metalmatters1530d ago

well for once, the system just released, usually at launch you should have some decent software sales, since your system just debuted, you know that initially rush from awaiting fans. This goes to show the x1 did not sale that well in its first days in Japan.

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MasterCornholio1530d ago

Im not surprised by this at all.


Why o why1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Im not sure what people were expecting. The ps4 isn't pulling up tress out there yet so why would the x1. Like many have said before, its handheld territory

HeWhoWalks1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

The PS4's problem is completely different, though. It = lack of software. The X1 = lack of interest.

2015 will look VERY different for the PS4 in Japan. The X1, well, they may as well hang it up.

badz1491530d ago

the console just launched there. and this is TOP 20 that we're talking about. isn't it kinda depressing that no game for a console that just launched in the TOP 20? there weren't 20 new games released for the other platforms that week! I'm sure expecting a Top 10 seller would be too optimistic but not even 1 in 20? that's just brutal to MS!

Clarence1530d ago

If I was M$ why not have a top jrpg ready for release at the same time the xbone was released. Why spend all this money timed exclusives, when you could be making new games.

700p1530d ago

waste of resources. Japan isnt worth it, on to china!

MRMagoo1231530d ago

Lol China will be the same story , did you see the recent survey held in China ? 5 to 1 in interest for buying a ps4 to xbone.

noctis_lumia1530d ago

in china
57% choose ps4
xbox one 11%

if u think xbox one will dominate china then keep dreaming buddy

ocelot071530d ago

There is always another 2nd tear country that will help the XB1 right?

Gamer19821530d ago

waste of resources?? Really?? If they dropped Japan then Japanese developers would drop xbox. Those developers include and are not limited to CAPCOM, Square-Enix and Namco just to name a few but heres a nice list You drop Japan and developers will leave as they obviously want to bring out games in there won country. Remember that Witcher 3 was originally a PS4 exclusive for a short time until MS agreed to release the Xbox in Poland and it not only changed there minds they are actually very friendly with MS now. You gotta release in the devs countrys.

Tito081530d ago

@Gamer1982- Witcher 3 was never intended to be a PS4 exclusive when it'll also be on PC anyways, btw, that was only in Poland so no big deal when it would become available everywhere else. Microsoft can stop supporting XBox in Japan because a lot of Japanese games became PS3-only for the region despite having the 360 overthere, there were plenty of games that never saw release on XBox consoles in Japan, but they did release to it overseas, so it's pointless plus a waste of time and money to release a console very few people will buy, 2m consoles out of 80+ million is nothing, they proved they don't need Japan to be successful in this business.

Clarence1530d ago

The xbone won't do that much better in China.

romancer1530d ago

"There is always another 2nd tear country that will help the XB1 right?"

At least 10 people AGREED that ocelot07 spelled "tear" correctly.

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HanzoHattori1530d ago

Japanese gamers are just like everyone else. They reject crap too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1530d ago

No they just generally don't care much for western products

G20WLY1530d ago

Apple begs to differ...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1530d ago

@G20WLY Well Apple maybe an exception because it a handheld devices but if it wasn't. They wouldn't care for it.

HanzoHattori1530d ago

The Last Of Us didn't get rejected at all.

gootimes1530d ago

Not really true, plenty of American products do well in Japan...

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strangeaeon1530d ago

Well, I think the PS4 is shite, opinions right?