Chaos;Child On Xbox One Streamed

Xbox One launched in Japan last week and while the console didn’t launch with any games specifically for the market Chaos;Child, the next game in 5pb’s Science Adventure series, will be released for Xbox One on November 27.

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zerocrossing1473d ago

Oh awesome! Looks like it's a sequel to Chaos;Head :)

Spotie1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I wonder why they keep putting these only on Xbox. They don't do well, and I can't imagine Microsoft is paying enough to equal or exceed the profits these guys would make on Playstation. Yet this is their fourth (?) game that's console exclusive to Xbox?

zerocrossing1472d ago

I think they may have just been released them on the 360 in the west, because apparently Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate were released on PC and Xbox 360, PSP, PSN, PlayStation 3, PS-Vita aswell as iPhone and Android devices.

But yeah, they'd be sure to sell more if they released them on more than one console.

Mikefizzled1473d ago

Got the demo of it naively hoping there was English subs.