GTA VI: 10 Lessons It Must Learn From The Competition

WC: Because of this it highlights the biggest divide between the two, as well as the identity of GTA in 2014; a glaring flaw many people have with part five, in that it sits some way between San Andreas’ jetpack-fuelled escapist thrills and GTA IV’s bolted-down, more realistic story, not really delivering on either but still having core gameplay that’s solid and enjoyable. All of this means that for part VI the chips are still on the table, as it remains to be seen if GTA IV will remain a one-off, or become the basis for a future identity.

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Matt6661562d ago

Here's the list:

10. Satisfying Melee Combat – Sleeping Dogs
9. Humour – Saints Row
8. A Unique Story – Red Dead Redemption
7. Fun Collectables – Crackdown
6. Making The World Evolve With You – Far Cry 3
5. How To Have Fun With Huge Weapons – Mercenaries
4. A Gritty, Mature Tone – L.A. Noire
3. A Female Protagonist – Saints Row
2. A Dynamic Mission-Generating World – Skyrim
1. How To Have Fun – Saints Row

ab5olut10n1562d ago

Helpful bub for you, sir. F wc in the b-hole.

Yi-Long1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )


I would add, among other things, a bullet-cam (like the one used in Sniper Elite), and different reactions to where a NPC gets shot, which TBH should be standard in games today.

I would also like to see a much better fighting-engine, so either do something like the Arkham games, which works very nice against multiple opponents, or something like Yakuza 4, which was also pretty deep and satisfying.

Ravenheartzero1562d ago

Loved the radio stations in sleeping dogs too. GTAV had the worst imo

DoomeDx1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I agree on 10,2 and 3 the most.


'Gritty tone' please no.. I love GTA because of its light tone.

'How to have fun' I thought GTA V was a lot of fun.. Different compared to Saints Row but thats not an issue.

'How to have fun with Huge Weapons' Leave that to Saints Row or Mercenaries. GTA has never been about massive weapons and destructions.

Agent_hitman1562d ago

I bet GTA 6 will be announce on PS5 and Xbox 2.. For the meantime, Rockstar maybe developing a new IP or sequel for this generation.

Psychotica1562d ago

I just wish R* would focus more on the single player game like it's always been.