From Screen to (Near) Space: Destiny Traveller Arrives Above Earth

With only a few days to go until the launch ofDestiny, leading UK You Tuber Alan Ismail aka ‘MoreConsole’ teamed up with Activision in a daring bid to stage the moment The Traveler arrived above Earth, for real.

Or at least that’s what it looks like – as Ismail launched a weather balloon into near space this week successfully recreating one of the iconic images from Destiny. The image was captured in the outer atmosphere, via a high-altitude weather balloon 107,841 thousand-feet above Earth, to celebrate the imminent arrival of the game ahead of its launch across the world on 9th September.

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1noobgamer1506d ago

Yeah, only just managed to upload but it was written a couple of days ago :(

GenericNameHere1506d ago

Uploaded here on N4G now, but a few days ago on the site. Also, it's a UK site, and their launch is on Friday.

1noobgamer1506d ago

Exactly but our NZ writer is streaming now if you want to check it out -

tablav1506d ago

Destiny launch is Tuesday here in the UK too. Usually Fridays, but I guess Destiny is big enough to warrant bucking that trend.