Rise Of The Tomb Raider Could Be Destiny’s Failure Foreshadowed

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author who previously wrote about wanting Destiny to fail now provides some reasons for that by using Rise of the Tomb Raider as a basis for comparison.

Quote: "It’s weird for me how it’s considered bad practice to want a game to fail, yet we have in the past gone on about the likes of on-disc DLC, always-online DRM (remember Diablo III’s Error 37 and SimCity, guys?), sequelitis and more. We have absolutely torn and ripped our way through some excellent offerings in the past. The likes of BioShock: Infinite, which is an excellent game, has been crucified by gaming writers and gamers alike, for having plot inconsistencies and failing to recapture the charm of the first BioShock title. We have been criticising games for as long as I can remember. And yet I can’t stand up and say, “Yeah I think this game is great and it’s probably going to do really well but for the sake of the stability of the gaming industry, I hope it fails.” Because then I’m the enemy."

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OUROSMAG1535d ago

Anybody who wants something to flounder is a moron.

Baccra171535d ago

I want terrorism and senseless crime to flounder.

Check and mate.

tgunzz1534d ago

@psin4mant, Then you are calling alot of gamers on this site morons...

strangeaeon1535d ago

About the most intelligent thing I have read on N4G in years...

n4gusername1535d ago

Why not hope for a great new IP to succeed at providing a quality game with a large budget, instead of failing and having publishers less likely to take risks.

iceman061534d ago

Because then he would have wasted about 2000 or so empty words....ohh...wait....never mind!!! LOL

redwin1535d ago

It's like saying that you want an economic depression so things get better. Many will be unhappy some will profit from it.

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The story is too old to be commented.