PS3 may miss production goals ... again

Sony's press is getting worse and worse after analysts took note of the PS3 launch. As predicted, Sony missed the 400,000 goal for US launch; many analysts predicted they only reached half that amount. To add insult to injury, some analysts expect Sony to only make roughly 10% of the original 4 million promised by year's end. Ouch!...

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marcusfenix4408d ago

Microsoft and the 360! Sony = bad business

Bad businesses usually come to a bad end, which is what Sony is heading toward. Down with Sony and LIES!!!

power of Green 4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

Nintendo ruled for years and Sony also, I'm with you!, no one will miss Sony if their not FF & MGS fans which MGS4 is the last one before moving on to the 360. Console/company dominance don't last much longer than a decade before the world moves to the next best thing.

UMC4408d ago

Even though I've got a Xbox 360, I will get a PS3 not at launch (will wait for a price cut) or a killer game, but it seems that Europe will pay for these production problems. We had the launch delayed until March but I remember someone on this site saying that the PS3 wouldn't come until may (his thoughts) and sadly I've got to agree. We Europeans gamers remember the PSP disaster. Well, I just hope that at least we'll have good games at launch.

super bill4408d ago

europeans dont want the ps3.keep that delayed ps3 in japan and many promises sony and we had anuff.

PS3n3604408d ago

if what the article predicts as far as penetration into next year this could seriously undermine their blu-ray strategy. Someone in Japan is not getting any sleep this year.

Captain Tuttle4408d ago

was a disaster, there's no way to spin it otherwise. I can't believe any developers are going to stay with them exclusively anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.