Before anyone freaks out, no, Kirby isn’t human

A line in a recently published Japanese gaming guide has now suggested that yet another much-loved character is not what he first seemed. Rather than simply being the giant pink blob that we always thought him to be, it would seem that Nintendo’s marshmallow-faced mascot Kirby is actually “a person” – something that has greatly amused the internet-using public here in Japan.

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shaw981562d ago

Thanks random article. I have been wondering for the last 20 years if Kirby was human or not. Thanks for telling me the important news. :D

MNGamer-N1562d ago

I think he's made of cotton candy. Sugar and water spun into a tight ball of cotton candy fury

Eonjay1562d ago

Well, then Kirby needs a diet. LOL. Where are his damn ankles!

RosweeSon1562d ago

He's clearly not, this is some Mulder and Scully shizzle. Kirby kicks ass anyway. New one on Wii U should be another classic.

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