20 Most Irritating Game Over Screens Ever

Bite4Free: If you die or failed to complete an objective, a screen appear call Game Over Screen and ask you to continue or end your game. But some video games have very irritating game over screens that made you angry; here are 20 of them, what’s your favorite?

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Physco1557d ago

SPACE QUEST: THE LOST CHAPTER is most irritating game for me

scark921557d ago

Congratulations! You have died. lol
Batman AA was kinda irritating but I have to say Duck Hunt was the worst imo

DoomeDx1557d ago

Irritating? I think some of them are good fun

Roshanish1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

i want to click on Disagree mistakenly clicked on agree
how can you say these are funny games?