Mech Shooter Project Nimbus Adds A Transforming Mech To Its Roster

"Earlier this year, we were excited to check out successfully Kickstarted game Project Nimbus. The realistic mech game (WITH BEAM SABERS) has updated with a new video of their first transformable mech, the M5 Viper and news that its first campaign alpha is just a few weeks away."

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Serrafina1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

When I read the word "transformation", I was thinking about a big dramatic transformation, but it was a slight change. Unfortunately, this provided video doesn't bring that 'wow' factor as well as I had hope because if folks have watched the video before reading the description, they might have not noticed the 'transformation'at all. Instead, they might just see cool mechs flying around and shooting at each other. In any case, the game still looks innovative and interesting to play. In fact, it might be more fun then Armor Core 5 or Dynasty Warriors: Gundam because audiences finally get to have aerial battles.