Destiny has Australian servers, Bungie confirms

MMGN: Bungie has confirmed Destiny will be powered by local Australian servers when it launches at midnight tonight.

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stevivor1190d ago

That report -- the report report, not MMGN's report -- is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

BozoLoco1190d ago

"Here's how you should write your article *clicks report*"

ArnoDorian1190d ago

perhaps it is. But come on. how hard is it to rephrase and give readers an idea of what the article's about?

DeltaPhoenix081190d ago

seems like the headline does a pretty decent job

CaptainObvious8781190d ago

Yay. Thank goodness for that.

caseh1190d ago

Good news for all, now EU servers won't have to contend with you laggy mofos. :D

Hopefully UAE will get their own servers as well.

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