6 Game Endings That Make You Depressed

Bite4Free: Mostly, we are happy to complete a game but here is the list of 6 Game Endings That make you depressed.

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burza19821498d ago

The Last of Us also
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (the end scene on cemetery)

TWB1498d ago

"Dormin was free and rapidly started demolishing your life by having you and transforming you into some half-goat half-human baby that your affection, Mono, chooses to deal with"

Maybe Im reading this wrong but... no ? this wasnt how the game ended.

Dormin possessed wanders body and when the evil was vanquished by the light it reduced him to a baby because that was all the "pure" left in him.

Horns are more like a mark, I dont remember that the horned kids had anything overly special in them other than being treated as some sort of sacrifice in Ico.

And Mono certainly didnt "deal with anything" as that sounds overly negative. I cant think of what the author meant with this.

Maybe Im just reading that part wrong but that doesnt sound right to me.

Also the image event isnt SotC AFAIK, there are two human characters in the middle and two giants which neither look similar to the ones in SotC (cant even consider them as fan art)

CaptainYesterday1497d ago

The ending of Persona 4 was pretty sad I didn't wanna leave Inaba yet dammit!