What's The Last Game That Had Destiny's Insane Hype?

Has any game in recent memory attained such levels of hype? How far back would you have to go before you find a game that was this highly anticipated?

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Randostar1531d ago

I think GTA V was more Hyped up then this.

die_fiend1531d ago

I think that because you used 'then this' that your opinion belongs in the toilet...

Spinal1531d ago

Well GTA 5 is an established franchise. The hype was warranted. And it lived up to it partly. Minus the online heists.

Halo2ODST21531d ago

ah, GTA V, is a Chuck of Boring Repetitive Shit

christian hour1531d ago

Probably the COD series, though that was unwarranted in my opinion. I wasn't buying in to the destiny hype but after playing the alpha and the beta I have to say it earned it.

Watch_Dogs almost had a similar amount of hype until ubisoft went and shot themselves in the foot with how they handled the backlash of the fidelity downgrade.

Saying it doesnt matter that your graphics took a hit because the gameplay is good and then continuing to release those heavily doctored bullshots as promotional material? Smooooth. Real smooth.

The game I'm most hyped for currently is definitely No Mans Sky. Can't wait, feel like a lil kid again reading sci-fi novels for the first time.

RyuCloudStrife1531d ago

Yeah, that's what he meant.

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cyclindk1531d ago

And Watchdogs before that

levian1531d ago

Yep, both Titanfall and Watchdogs which both turned out to be just decent games but nothing special.

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Mikelarry1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Titan fall: I can remember when not knowing much about this game and a few ign users flipped and name calling as well as asking what rock did I just crawl out of


MRMagoo1231531d ago

It says hows far back , how did you miss titanfall?

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The story is too old to be commented.