No Specters...Pilot Skirmish Only in Titanfall

Kuma Wrote: Titanfall has been out for quite sometime now and there have been some issues, but to me it wasn’t that bad mostly from the users. However recently Respawn Entertainment decided to give us a few updates and one in particular is a full pilots only mode. That is right you get to just fight other users in an eight vs. eight skirmish. It is an interesting idea, but I don’t think that’s what most of us wanted in Titanfall. I know from talking with my friends that did play, we wanted more Humans vs. humans and less specters. Pretty much in Titanfall you have the Pilots which are the players and then their is the A.I component to make it seem like one big battle. Even though the A.I is just a distraction while you are trying to comb through them to find the pilots to kill. In that it makes it feel as if they want you have to points even if you did not get to kill a Pilot or their titan. Hell even the Titan becomes an A.I character own its own. It felt lazy and could of just bee...

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ScorpiusX1533d ago

Cool , should add some fun.

vongruetz1533d ago

So it's Titanfall but without titans to fall..?

yankolo1533d ago

Its an option sucker and its goooood...go play destiny...

SavageKuma1532d ago

Not really. It takes away from the point of the game. If anything they should just improve on what they have instead of eliminating what they were advertising in the first place.

spicelicka1533d ago

Wait how come the video is showing titans then?

SavageKuma1532d ago

Compare and contrast. Some people didn't understand the mode when I was talking so I had to explain the difference.

spicelicka1532d ago

ohh i see, my bad i watched it without sound.

Ginesis1533d ago

I've played it and like it but it's just weird not having the big guys fall from the sky and the maps are a little too big for just pilots unless they increase the player count.

SavageKuma1532d ago

Thats the problem I was trying to state too, they need more of the human element. So far too many snipers, but having a big map causes that.

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