PS4 Weekly Deals: 1 Year PS+ Membership Code $40, ACIV: Black Flag $29.99, inFAMOUS $39.99 and more

PS4 deals and sales from the biggest sites like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Frys, Kmart, GameFly and Groupon.

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Tom871195d ago

I wish Sony starts offering console deals too like Microsoft is doing.

jacobvogel1195d ago

NFL Bundle + $50 GC + Destiny for $399.99 at Microsoft !

ABizzel11195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I wonder can you do the same thing with the Sunset Overdrive Bundle, since it's part of the $50 gift card promotion too, but not out this week for the Free Game.

$399 = XBO + Sunset Overdrive + Free Game of your choice + $50 gift card.

That's an amazing deal, makes you wonder what they have planned for Black Friday. $299 XBO!!!!!!!

Need to tell relatives about this.

edgarohickman1195d ago

Micro$oft are doing their best to sell more consoles. That's why they are doing a lot of console deals.

RedDevils1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

and still no one give a sh1t about the xbone lol which is just sad

Deividas1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

When your product is selling extremely well, you dont need to do stuff like that. Bundles and price cuts are designed to increase sales when they are slowing down.

Apollo11195d ago

Waiting for Amazon to PM the PS+ deal from target.

Firebird3601195d ago

What's the target deal? Thanks in advance.

timothyckeegan1195d ago

Any one played Black Flag? Is it worth $29.99?

LightDiego1195d ago

The game is fun, actually, way better than AC3.

Enemy1195d ago

Black Flag is really good, actually. Way better than AC3.

AgentSmithPS41195d ago

Because of what Ubi has done in the past and for other reasons I've been waiting for BF to get down to around $30. I've been playing way too much Battlefailed4 and I need something a lot different, and I've never played any AC games. BF looks fun and it's easier than driving to the beach to see pretty things.

Randostar1195d ago

Actually its way better than AC3, its really good.

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andrewsimons1195d ago

Just stacked another year of PS+ :)

Spotie1195d ago

I'm gonna do the same!

Exari1195d ago

is this only for US accounts?

SonicWave1195d ago

Does anyone know if the discount is only for America?

qwerty6761195d ago

so why is destiny free for uk ps4 bundle buyers and the usa we have to pay for it?

like what the hell sony?

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