Moral choices continue to plague games

Moral choices in video games have been in games for some time. They try to immerse the player by allowing them to control their character’s dialogue and actions even further. However, games like The Last of Us, lack these choices but still have a significantly stronger story than games that revolve around choices. This needs to change because games that offer the player choices can have phenomenal narratives. Even if they’re demonstrating the illusion of choice, such as Spec Ops: The Line, games with choices are more fun than those without. To be clear, I’m referring to games that offer choices that affect—or appear to affect—the plot. While still a choice, choosing to clear out a room using stealth or the righteous fury of your bullets generally doesn’t affect the game’s story. Therefore, unless it alters the story in some way, it doesn’t count. With that said, there are bad and good ways to have moral decisions, and I will discuss a few of the bad ways.

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