Lack of pre-release Destiny reviews: why you should and shouldn't worry

Game Idealist take a look at what gamers should and shouldn't worry about with the lack of pre-release Destiny reviews.

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Serrafina1529d ago

Pretty solid opinion article. Nice job.

cleft51529d ago

All I want is for Destiny to be a more refined Defiance. If that is what Destiny is then I will be fine, judging from the beta Destiny will be that at least. As far as reviews are concerned, there isn't any reviewers that I trust anymore so I am not bothered that some corrupt game journalist won't be able to give me there useless opinion before the game comes out.

Also, considering Destiny is basically a mmo the initial experience that the player has will not be the same as the one a month from now. Case in point, ff14 has evolved in amazing ways. So yeah I am fine buying a game that I think will be good without reading some corrupt game journalist review score.

To those who feel that they really need a review of the game beforehand, I say wait and watch people play the game on Twitch or some streaming website first. Check out some streaming footage of the game and wait a week to decide if the game is for you or not. If anything, you wont miss much as their is bound to be server issues initially.

n4rc1529d ago

Quite honestly.. I think twitch removes the need for reviews entirely.

Why listen to anyone's opinion? Watch the game for yourself.

Palitera1529d ago

^ I think both complement each other.

You see the micro and the macro pictures by the streams and the reviews.

Baccra171529d ago

@n4rc if I watch the game while it's being played then that game is spoiled to me. I rather have written reviews.

3-4-51529d ago

* Trying to review this game without it being "Live", is like trying to review New York City, minus all the people.

New York IS the people, and so it's the a large majority of the experience of this game.

* The things I could see them complaining about are the very things that would be "fixed" if they just waited until tomorrow to play this game and then review it.

Saelyn1529d ago

I just wanted to say I like that analogy

die_fiend1529d ago

I'm not worrying because there's no way this game won't be amazing

SkippyPaccino1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I'm not worried because they gave us a Alpha and a Beta to try out before we buy. I'm still on the fence but ill let "destiny" work its path, and if that path is at a best buy on Tuesday, well so be it...LOL

elazz1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Very similar to GTA V I guess. I mean that game received the reviews also on monday and they were very good. I think Destiny will be good as well. And even if it don't hit the 90s it will certainly receive highly critical appraise in the high 80s. But I still think this game will do 90+ and receive a few GOTY awards.

Slacker1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Well I am not sure what to think of this, but I don't recall anyone releasing a statement like before a launch.

qwerty6761529d ago

im worried for the fact that there were some sites even gamestop who had some pretty concerning things that they experienced when playing the beta.

other people also brought up concerns.

lack of reviews is kinda disappointed. this could turn out to be another watch dogs. lots of hype but ends up mediocre.

Ultr1529d ago

Hmm as far as I know people who played the beta really liked the game. I am one of them

averagejoe261529d ago

Definitely not... We got to review this game in the form of alpha and beta... Overall reception was superbly positive... Watch dogs on the other hand.... Well we all know how that went

Nitrowolf21529d ago

"this could turn out to be another watch dogs"

lol are you serious? That game was basically a bait and switch that people got to try out towards the end. We have had two play test so far for Destiny, and both have been superb

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