Destiny Gets Day One Patch to Version 1.02; Weighs Almost 300 MB on PS4

If you have the disc version of Destiny, or have completed its preload, you’re gonna have some more downloading to do, as Bungie released a day one (actually, day minus-two) patch that updates the game to version 1.02.

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TheWatercooler1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

The patch isn't that big compared to some that have been on the Xbone. I don't think I could put up with the size of some of those to be honest. This isn't much of a problem.

@Abriael. When they are massive like the ones on the Xbone. Wasn't the Sniper patch 10GB or something? Ridiculous

Abriael1475d ago

I've always wondered when day one patches have ever become "a problem."

jujubee881475d ago

300mb? That is not much weight. :P

ScottyHoss1475d ago

Am I crazy or does my screen say 20GB download on PS4 for the whole game while an article recently said the XB1 version was 40GB? Not trying to start anything, just an observation.

KingDustero1475d ago


Both systems need double the storage space in order to install a game. So a game that weighs 20GB needs 40GB of space to install.

rdgneoz31475d ago

@King Yep, you have to download the game first. And once it's downloaded you need an additional 20 GB of space to install it as well. It's the same on the PS3. The games don't simultaneously download and install at the same time.

GameSpawn1475d ago


17-18GB was the initial download size. Some textures and audio may get uncompressed during install ballooning the size up to 20GB.

On a side note about the patch, I already have it downloaded and installed. If you purchased the Day-1 digital versions it also downloads the Day-1 patch. The "Season Pass/Expansion Pass" and Vanguard content also get downloaded.

Azmatik1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

I just downloaded and installed destiny with 23gb remaining on my ps4 just enough for the 21gb (i have digital) and it didnt say i needed more space or not even close to "double" the space. Ive never ran into this double space problem yet and my ps4 HDD is constantly jammed. Edit: interesting thought is i downloaded destiny in standby so maybe that changes things? Still though i have yet to run into what you guys are describing, although i have on ps3.

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jcole971475d ago

What was the point of bringing the X1 up?

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thisismyaccount1475d ago




but seriously, wonder why the PS4 owners have to "update" their game and the xb1 owner not? /shrug

Azmatik1475d ago

Im thinking its the exclusive content that they do not get.

Specter2291475d ago

@Azmatik that DLC releases Day 1?

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Cra2yey31475d ago

The real download is gonna be inside the game like the beta.

FullmetalRoyale1475d ago

Yep. That's where my other twenty gigs is waiting. I wish I could download the rest of it ahead of time, but it's not a big deal. My friend works that day and I am off. So I'll have plenty of time to do it.

Stapleface1475d ago

My version already says 1.02. An update file downloaded with the actual game on my ps4.

CloudRap1475d ago

My body (and hard drive) is ready Bungie.

Srom1475d ago

Wow. That's a not a bad patch.

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