Destiny Cometh – Be Prepared With These 8 Steps

MP1st - September 9 marks the launch of Destiny on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, an always-online, shared-world first-person shooter that puts you in the boots of Earth’s last hope, protectors guided by the Light of The Traveller known as Guardians.

Your enemies will be ferocious and unforgiving, but you are not alone. Fellow Guardians will have your back as you will have theirs — a fellowship of the Light, one could call it. Still, here are eight important steps to take before setting off on this epic journey.

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CloudRap1532d ago

cmon be tommorow already

Einhert1532d ago

can't wait to see this hype train die when it releases, nobody will be bothered with this game a month after launch when they have cleared the content.

PVP won't save it either as that element was terrible during the BETA sorry I mean demo.

JackOfAllBlades1532d ago

Grow up. Beta was fun and I'm sure full game will be too

user66974831532d ago

Destiny is just another game that's only good enough for a rental fee. Internet speed where I live is too slow for online gaming & will be going to a friends house to play the game.