Sucker Punch Races Fetch Against Delsin in inFAMOUS: First Light; Explains Technical Wizardry

If you played inFAMOUS: Second Son and inFAMOUS: First Light you very possibly thought that Fetch is much faster than Delsin, truth is that she really isn’t that much quicker, but the folks at Sucker Punch used their technical wizardry to make you think she is, as explained by Visual Effects Artist Matt Vainio and Game Designer Darren Bridges during a panel at PAX Prime.

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ramiuk11534d ago

amazing the lighting in this game

Gore-Content1534d ago

Best looking current gen game so far.

Darkwatchman1534d ago

I will get disagrees, but I honestly think second son is the most overrated game this gen in terms of visuals. It has impressive lighting and particles, but the rest is nothing super special

Illusive_Man1534d ago

So why didn't it get the SIGGRAPH award?

dantesparda1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

So Siggraph's opinion is fact now? Alot of people would beg to differ. Heck i bet you more people think Infamous looks better than Ryse. Opinions arent facts buddy.

Infamous runs at a 44% higher res, has a better framerate (over 30fps, 35fps average), is open world, unlike Ryse's linear stages and has better lighting and particle effects. And i think the Siggraph award was for 2013 titles.

linkenski1534d ago

The tech is pretty great, don't get me wrong, but I still think the game was unimpressive because the world doesn't feel alive and some actions lock the character into playing out their animations, removing camera control or general sense of control for a few seconds and that made the game feel inferior to a lot of last-gen titles to me.

MGS5 or Ground Zeroes on the other hand felt really next gen to me (which is lol cuz it's cross-gen) because they really amped up the controls and how animation blends together when combining certain acions and such, while also making the game look really great too.

Infamous Second Son and First Light look great on the surface but they really lack polish.

vivid831534d ago

i loved second son but thought the story was on the short side this looks good