The Game Boy Turns 25 – Paul’s 10 Best Games

"Some of my earliest and most treasured childhood memories involve my Nintendo Game Boy. The legendary system turns 25 this year, and as a 1989 boy myself, we’ve grown old together. Just because the games released on a little portable platform with limited pixels and ranges of colours, didn’t mean the games were any poorer in quality. In this, the 25th year of the Game Boy we are celebrating the incredible handheld with a series of countdowns of some of our writers favourite Game Boy games, and now it is my turn. So without holding on any longer, these are my top 10 games to have been released on the Game Boy, the Pocket or Game Boy Colour"

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Felis_Rufus1533d ago

Somehow my clearest memory is Tetris.

annoyedgamer1533d ago

Getting up early in the morning and sneaking the Game Boy to play Super Mario...