Development will favour PS3 in 2009, says Yoshida

Next year will be the year that third-party development will favour the PS3, says Shuhei Yoshida.

Speaking to, the new president of Sony Worldwide Studios admitted that the PS3's launch year was disappointing because third-party developers had to build their games based upon the Xbox 360's architecture as Microsoft's hardware was released earlier.

"...They must have been planning, thinking they have enough time, to port the second game to PS3 and release at the same time with the same quality," he said.

"So they massively underestimated the effort that was needed to re-architect the game to properly take advantage of the PS3's multi-core architecture."

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Mc1873805d ago

But welcome @ the same time.

Hydrolex3805d ago

Development will favour PS3 in 2009 and after, says Yoshida

^ that's the correct title. Mods please change it

karlostomy3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

"2009 the year of playstation3....(promise!).. "

with a subtitle:
"2008 the year of playstation3.... NOT"

MUNKYPOO3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

this is great to hear. now we can see multiplat games equal in everyway.

Time Lord3805d ago

Most/all multiplaform games that are coming out now are virtually the same.

Fishy Fingers3805d ago

Mostly common sense brings you to the same conclusions as Yoshida. Still always nice to see these huge companies admit that even they need the help/support.

juuken3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Know why I answer your posts karl? Because you're an idiot, and idiots are just asking to be owned time and time again.

1. Developers are businesses and have limited budgets.

"Developers are businesses? I thought developers are individuals? Name me one developer who has a limited budget? Also, if they had limited budgets, then what's wrong with working out a plan with Sony to get away from having a limited budget?"

2. If the 360 is easier to develop for then it will be the lead platform, as it is the most cost effective in bringing a product to market.

"The lead platform huh? The lead platform with a 16-33% failure rate? You have MS already talking about a 720 instead of their 360. This would be the THIRD product they have on the market. They abandoned the original XBox, and it looks like they will abandon the 260 as well. It's the easier platform to develop for, which is why the PS3 was receiving crap ports because developers couldn't be bothered with using the PS3's technology to the fullest. Kojima is one of the very talented developers who chose the PS3 as his platform of choice when developing MGS4. The game already has several 10's, 9.5, and 9.0's. if he was to port this game to the 360, he would have to redo the entire thing from scratch. Once again, the 360 is what keeps developers from developing on the PS3 properly.

You fail."

3. But the Multiplats need to be converted to the PS3.

"And multiplats were giving trouble since they were ported over. Thankfully it's not as bad now.:

4. Of the developers' limited budgets, proportionally more money is then spent trying to make the game work on the ps3, because it is a pig to develop for.

"You're running in circles with this comment. It's a pig to develop for? How so? Explain that please. Or does your backward thinking prevents you from doing just that?"

5. If this money had instead been spent on additional 360 development , we would have more 360 games and better quality 360 games. Instead we have a 'good' 360 version and a 'gimped' ps3 multiplat.

"You sound as if you're repeating yourself. Blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah. Translation: I am a stupid bot. I have been programmed to kiss the heels of Greenburg and Kim."

6. So then, for the developers to accomodate the PS3 with all its design faults in all multiplat development, results in a penalty for the 360 experience, due to limited developer resources.

"I said name design faults that's holding the 360 back you moron. All you did was run circles around the entire argument. You repeated yourself more than once, except you used different phrasings."

I may have you on the ignore list, but your idiocy astounds me. You tried to sound intelligent with those comments but you failed miserably.

And once more, I am not your cupcake. I am not your cutiepie, milkshake, or doll.


Oh, and I may be getting a 360, but that doesn't stop me from supporting Sony fully, OR realize that developers need to stop making excuses.

Bladestar3805d ago

uhhh... not developers that bring their games to the PC or developers that make a ton of money selling their games on the xbox 360...

It's too early to tell.. developers will favor the console with the larger installbase... Just because developers learn how to use a platform does not mean they will ignore all other variables...

and ignoring the xbox 360 translate also to ignoring the PC as far as development is concern since both PC and xbox 360 platforms are so similar.

SmokingMonkey3805d ago

PC gaming was dying? (i could be wrong though)
i don't like sitting in front of a computer screen to play games or watch movies, just my opinion.
plus paying $15 a month is crazy for the best PC gaming has to offer.

dragunrising3805d ago

Ultimately the console with the larger install base will be the console devs work with first. Audience is also important, however game devs/publishers make games not for fanboys but to make money. Also, the focus on PS3 development first might not be as wide spread a movement as claimed. All games are created on the PC first and then ported to consoles. It so happens the Xbox has a more similar archetecture to PC. Primary reason we are seeing PC games like Age of Conan: Hyborian Wars. Games that aren't being made into eventual PC games and are console exclusive have a greater chance of starting development on the PS3. The way I see the future is that: console specific dev groups will work on PS3/Xbox 360 games together but separate. Call of Duty 4 is a good example of this. Games will a limited budget will be restricted to console X with a larger install base. Otherwise the previous example is a smart way to go. No one wants an inferior version of the same game. Thank you Infinity Ward for make equal versions of COD4.

myothercar3805d ago

Bladestar, who says the 360 will still have the larger userbase by 2009???? ;)

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