Bayonetta 2 Cut Scenes More Crazy and Over-The-Top Than The First Game

N247: It’s not everyday that we get to see some of the awesome things that happen behind the scenes of the production stages of a video game, let alone a quality video game such as Bayonetta 2. Take a look below at some of the video clips from Bayonetta 2’s production phases as shared by the game’s cut scene producer, Kunihiko Tsuda.

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Chupa-Chupa1531d ago

This game looks f'n badass.

jholden32491531d ago

Most people would rather stick their head in the sand than acknowledge the great games they could be playing on Wii U. Muchos respect to people like you who aren't afraid to broaden their gaming horizons

Digimortal1531d ago

Which is a shame, I mean all 3 systems are getting amazing content coming between now and the end of 2015. It really hurts to see Nintendo get shoved to the side like the odd man out :(

Aleithian1531d ago

Thanks. I've wanted one for awhile but don't have the cash for another console. Maybe next year. By then, many games I want will have dropped in price too.

Takwin1531d ago

$200 for a refurb from Nintendo with full warranty. Deluxe version with Nintendoland. Or $300 this Christmas will likely include at least Mario 3D and Nintendoland if the returbs are gone.

Magicite1531d ago

Id rather want Vanquish 2 or MGS Rising sequel.

Torque_CS_Lewith1531d ago

He says in a Bayonetta article ...thanx?

zeroskie1531d ago

all games made by P*, so it's not that weird he's mentioning them.

gamer78041531d ago

I always wanted a wiiu for the nintendo exclusives, this game pushed me over the edge and i bought one when mario kart 8 came out. Win/Win. I hope this sells well for platinum.

TheNew11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


N4g_null1531d ago

I wasn't even a Bayo fan but dang... no god of war and suda51 has sold out. A metroid with a metal gear rising or vanquish in it would please me a lot. Come on let retro and platinum knock out this crazy mash up of star fox, metroid, vanquish and rising as a primer game to the real sequel.