24 Hours of Destiny

One game. One room. 161 inches over 3 TVs. 3 experienced gamers. 24 hours straight. Come watch Todd, Lee, and Whitney turn the Destiny launch into a marathon!!!

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oODEADPOOLOo1358d ago

Why would someone watch someone else play this game on launch? lol

NEO_X1358d ago

I can't imagine anyone would want to watch the entire time. But 24 hours of the same game in the same room with 2 other streamers. Thats going to get entertaining.

PeaSFor1357d ago

watch others peoples play Destiny when i will obviously play it the minute after the game unlock on my ps4?Yeah... NOPE!

Chupa-Chupa1358d ago

I actually would, but only because I'm on the fence about this game. This would either make me buy a PS4 or hold of some more. I don't make impulse purchases anymore, so it takes a whole lot to convince me today.

ToddAwesome1358d ago

I can't wait for the game. But i understand you wanting to wait to actually see the game first. Feel free to stop by and watch us. Two of us will be playing on the PS4 and one on the Xbox One. So we've got ya covered.

nX1358d ago

^Why would you want to play on Xbox if your friends are playing on PS4 right next to you?

PeaSFor1357d ago

i doubt you can judge the game only by watching someone playing it, like you just can't use google map as a travel substitute.

thorstein1358d ago

It is the future of entertainment. Kids today are not watching silly sitcoms and the new stars are people just like them. They make their own and share them.

They can achieve this "glory."

Todd14161358d ago

I would totally check in on this while I am playing, or taking breaks. I would love to see how far they get towards the end.

NEO_X1358d ago

Here is the Video trailer that was made for it.

Rimgal1358d ago

I'm still not sold on this game, so I'll watch the stream. Maybe I will change my mind after watching you guys play.

iheartpodcast1357d ago

I agree. I have several friends that still havent bought a next gen console yet since there hasnt been a super extensive launch library for either. Destiny will definitely be a system seller, but things like this will help people make up their mind.

ToddAwesome1357d ago

I think Destiny will do for the Next Gen consoles what Halo did for the Xbox.

Clown_Syndr0me1357d ago


I doubt it. Halo was a one platform exclusive.
Destiny is releasing on 4 platforms, 2 of which are last gen. Plus its boring as hell compared to Halo.

ToddAwesome1358d ago

Feel free to check it out. We will be broadcasting for 24 hours. We are playing on both the PS4 and XBone because we want to show it on both platforms. how do we get approvals for this?

Rimgal1358d ago

You have to get 10 approvals from N4G contributors or administrators in order to appear on the front page. If everything is according to the guidelines, then eventually your story will get approved.

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