Things Are Very Different For The Creator Of Final Fantasy

Kotaku: When you create one of the most treasured franchises in video game history, what do you do next? When you work on that franchise for 20 years, can you ever really move on?

For Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man who created Final Fantasy back in 1987, these have been easy questions to answer. (1. Move to Hawaii and go surfing a lot; 2. Yes.) But for fans, Sakaguchi's legacy has become a little bit puzzling. In 2004, Sakaguchi left Square Enix, the company he saved from bankruptcy all those years ago, and started his own company, Mistwalker. Since then, the games he's touched have ranged from unexceptional (Blue Dragon) to great (Lost Odyssey) to... well, surfing games for iOS.

Most recently, much to the dismay of people who want more console RPGs, Sakaguchi and Mistwalker have been developing games for iOS and Android. Sakaguchi's next game, Terra Battle, comes out in October for mobile phones. It's a free-to-play strategy game with RPG trappings that uses a microtransaction-based energy system—all poisonous words to many gamers, who have been burned by unethical free-to-play games like, incidentally, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.

Not exactly what you'd expect from the creator of Final Fantasy.

I sat down with Sakaguchi on Sunday for an extensive interview with the iconic developer, who was jovial and pleasant, frequently laughing and often chiming in with short English responses to my questions.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1556d ago

Hmmm, interesting interview and stuff.

sonypsnow1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


1. No PS3 Programmer, No PS3 game.
2. No PS4 Programmer, No PS4 game.
3. No turn-based RPG Programmer, No turn-based RPG.
4. Mobile Games makes money for Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Conclusion, to all talented Programmers around the world feel free to give your skills in developing Hironobu Sakaguchi's next Game.

DevilOgreFish1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

He should start with the PC platform first, ditch UE3 and use UE4 instead. he should build up his ideas from there and contract his team to work closer with the engine. after he's produced good results for his next project; he should seek publishers to port his project over to whatever platforms he wants.

3-4-51556d ago

He's making Terrible Long Term gaming decisions.

Magicite1556d ago

how low mighty have fallen.

Agent_hitman1556d ago

He should go back in making console RPGs, rather than making mobile games these days.. PS fans need him so much.

Pozzle1556d ago

It's sad that he doesn't seem interested in working with consoles or single-player RPGs anymore. I mean, I get that he's moved on and wants to do different things in his life. But it still makes me sad that we'll probably never see an epic Sakaguchi RPG on next-gen consoles :(

EverydayGuy1556d ago

Seem like he is starting at the bottom working his way up again. He is focus on finishing Terra Battle, of course he doesn't have the details about future projects. Wish there were more interesting questions like: why he hates Ken Kutaragi.

iliimaster1556d ago

depressed... i guess no lost oddssey 2 or game like it

1556d ago