Six Best Handheld Installments of Home Console Series

UM: Portable console gaming was huge when it first hit. Not only could game companies and investors drool over the fact that gamers would now be purchasing a second console and set of games, but the players themselves were also excited to take their favorite gaming experiences on the road with them.

One of the first things companies like Nintendo and Sega did when releasing a handheld was to give the console an installment of an already-successful series. Nintendo had learned early on that “What’s a Nintendo console without Mario?”

These entries were met with mixed levels of success, with some becoming fan-favorites and others… not so much. Some handheld development teams outdid themselves, though, and created rare gems that stand alongside some of the greatest games in venerable series, in some instances even exceeding them.

Keep in mind that these aren’t ports, but fully-fledged and original games that exist as part of a franchise. Otherwise, I would just list Final Fantasy IV remakes several times over. So without further adieu, here are the handheld games that kept our thumbs a twiddling even when outside of the house.

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gamerfan09091563d ago

Off topic, but the handheld for me the last 20 years has not gone in the direction I've wanted and hoped it would. My dream was for handhelds to be portable consoles that could handle huge campaigns, gorgeous almost console like graphics, and big multiplayer. That has not been implemented yet and probably will never be implemented. When I first heard of the Vita I thought my dream was gonna come through, but with the lack of software coming to the console it looks like that system is just wasted potential.

Vegamyster1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Something large like a home console will always have more power then portable console and that's never going to change. They're still producing great graphics and long games for their size/price, i thought original Gameboy was awesome for allowing a link cable to trade Pokemon, i never imagined being able to sit on a toilet with a small handheld and play Mario Kart with people in Japan.

Agent_hitman1563d ago

God of War for PSP was the best handheld game ever imo.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1563d ago

This paragraph:

Mother 3 is a necessary experience for any fan of classic RPGs. Unfortunately, playing the game in English requires a patched ROM and an emulator, which is HIGHLY ILLEGAL AND DON’T DO IT THAT’S BAD!

Especially the last part is very amusing.

levian1562d ago

In general I think pirating is wrong, but when there's literally no way to buy the game, I don't see a problem with it.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1562d ago

We understand that, just find it amusing on how the author added that into the article.

DualWielding1563d ago

Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep