Destiny Already Available in the UAE

Destiny's launch is only a few days away but gamers in the United Arab Emirates have already gotten their hands on a copy. The photo taken below was done by a gamer in the country who has discovered stock of both the PS4 and Xbox One version.

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oODEADPOOLOo1411d ago

Why do they get everything early? seriously...

CARROT1809941411d ago

Yeah, think I might move tothe UAE.

nX1411d ago

They can't play it anyway before the servers go online. I wouldn't want to move there just to play new video games a few days early Oo

LAWSON721411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

They can't play it until sometime on the 8th-9th

Dasilvr0181411d ago

I'm in Toronto and I get any game on the weekend before its release :) Got my copy of Destiny yesterday morning but too bad servers are not up yet :( Have to wait till Monday morning :/

aragon1411d ago

Who do u buy from? Ur in Toronto right? I need a hookup

bandit9051411d ago

yeah where did you buy it from in toronto, i live in oakville so i dont mind the 25-30min drive

masterfox1411d ago

cause they pay with oil I think.

sho0ok1411d ago

You also can buy it early... With your stupidity. You jealous because we have oil?

3-4-51411d ago

When your family has enough money to Literally BUY Sony....You can get the game whenever you want. lol

sho0ok1411d ago

We always get games and movies early... Even before it get released in the US. However sometimes we have to buy it more expensive than the release date price.

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Shadonic1411d ago

ARGH always the day before the day before the release.

mafiahajeri1411d ago

will get it tomorrow, screw your early access, hahaha!!

Menkyo1411d ago

So I got mine Friday.

SnakeShady1411d ago

Got this game 3 days ago. Server always offline, useless until 9.

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