Games To Try Before You Die: Ghostbusters (PS3, XB360, Wii)

WGRD: "Another new game in GTTBYD? Crazy I know! In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the amazing film known at Ghostbusters, this weeks GTTBYD is dedicated to the one of the better Ghostbusters games out there. The one of Sega Genesis is great, but with a newer generation, I have to pay homage to this game. It has it’s flaws, but it’s overall a fun experience!"

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Evildoomnerd1559d ago

Its not perfect, but the game is without a doubt, a love letter to Ghostbuster fans. My only regret is not hitting platinum on it (multiplayer community died fairly quickly).

WeAreLegion1558d ago

Loved it, but I never beat it.

hiredhelp1558d ago

Its the state marshmallow man everybody run.... HH said Dam you taste good.
On topic played it was actually really fun loved it.

Kurylo3d1558d ago

your not true fan. Its stay puff marshmallow man

Varmint1558d ago

Aww come on, it's Stay Puft!

BillytheBarbarian1558d ago

Yeah, great game. 3rd person with nice graphics and comedy. c

CaptainYesterday1558d ago

Yeah I've wanted to play that game ever since it game out just never got around to it, if I find it cheap I will definitely pick it up.

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