Scans roundup - Disgaea 5, Luminous Arc, Resident Evil HD, Senran Kagura, Shining Resonance, Ys

Check out the latest Japanese scans from this week's Famitsu.

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DarkOcelet1535d ago

Dat Barry pic looks awesome . I want him to make me a sandwich .

Hanso1535d ago

currently playing D4 Vita but cant already wait for D5 lol

Mikefizzled1535d ago

Missing the big Capcom reveal? Unless it Resident Evil related after all.

DarkOcelet1535d ago

I was looking into that too . I hope its Dragons Dogma 2.

sanosukegtr1231535d ago

Resident evil! Resident evil! If you look at the Ps vita it can play ps1 games and some ps2 games like metal gear solid. i'm sure they can make a resident evil game for the vita. Am I right people.

feraldrgn1535d ago

Looking forward to Ys & Disgaea.

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