[Survey] PS4 Destiny Players Outnumber Xbox One Players By 63% to 24%

In a recent survey conducted among the active players on Reddit’s Destiny community, it is clearly visible that the exclusivity deal between Sony and Activision is proving to be very much in favor of the former. Out of total, 63% players have claimed that they will be playing Destiny on their PlayStation 4 console and only 24% voted that they'll play on the Xbox One console.

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HanzoHattori1535d ago

Not really an accurate representation of those who have either console. The only way to be accurate with such a survey is to include a survey with the purchase of the game itself.

Sevir1535d ago

True but its indicative of the demographics..., Sony and activision have been pushing destiny since Feb Last year, The Alpha was exclusive to PS4, the beta came to PS3 and Ps4 first, the PS4 bundle is already available and the exclusive content is available for a year, then ofcourse there's the fact that PS4 has double the market penetration of the xbox one and consumer mindshare.

This survey may not be the best indicator of the purchase intent. But Activision confirmed as much at Gamescon that the largest portion of Destny's preorders are coming from PS4 layers with XBO and PS3/Xb360 taking up the latter.

It'll sell on XBO but not nearly as much as its PS4 counterpart.

n4rc1535d ago

Isn't it just indicative of the reddit community?

nX1535d ago

I'm expecting the userbase somewhere at PS4 70% / X1 30% and 60% X360 / 40% PS3. That white Destiny bundle will make a huge difference, I have 2 close friends that are waiting for this one and I'm sure the Amazon bestseller-list isn't lying.

NewMonday1535d ago

that's a massive margin, not even the 360 with it's shooter fan-base and 2-1 market share in USA could push CoD over 55% compared to the PS3 with 45%

GameSpawn1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Look at the availability of the Collectors and Limited editions at different retailers for different versions. The PS4 versions of both are COMPLETELY sold out everywhere (at least in the US). Hell, they were sold out on Amazon MONTHS ago.

So, judging by the one-side pre-orders I'm not surprised by this "survey" even if it's not the most unbiased survey that it could be.

Also given the the PS4 is around 2-1 versus the XBO on install-base, this plays as a major factor to more PS4 sales over XBO. Who knows how PS3/360 will look after the first week, but you can be guaranteed the PS4 will beat the XBO sales after the first week.

The timed exclusive content is also playing toward more PS3/PS4 sales, because lets face it...people can be impatient and don't want to wait the 6-12 months before said content becomes available on the 360/XBO.

Also, don't get me started on the "Buy previous-gen get next-gen free" last minute offer Bungie created also influencing sales. [again hopefully people complain enough that this becomes full on cross-buy BOTH directions, at least for the digital versions and/or collectors/limited/guardian versions]

kickerz1534d ago

I think maybe we should start to worry less about numbers and more about just enjoying games.

mp12891534d ago

that bundle with the white ps4 does look good

bennissimo1534d ago

This poll is BS.

And I say this as someone who owns all three consoles and isn't going to be playing Destiny.

lawgone1534d ago

This must have been taken before the Fappening. Anyway, this is a misleading title. A survey on reddit indicates nothing about the rest of the gaming population.

On a side note, a breakdown of the 5 current hottest stories... 4 Sony, 1 Other, 0 Xbox. Another typical day on N4SG (Need 4 Sony Games.) And that's why I visit less and less.

Blaze9291534d ago

i mean, who's choosing Destiny over MCC?

1nsaint1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

^^ out of 11 people? 1 apperantly

PONTIAC08G8GT1534d ago

Who honestly cares? What a useless poll that proves nothing really. I think every Xbox owner could have told you it will sell better on Playstation and that more people would prefer is on PS because #1, more PS sales, and #2, a lot of people hate MS. So pretty easy to see which people would prefer.

konohashin1534d ago

For me this totally proves that third party is exceptionally stupid.

Because this shows that PR marketing etc can turn the tides. A former Microsoft-only famous/praised/whatever studio is now more popular on playstation. (at least its game is)

With each generation and each new hardware etc. the cards will be reshuffled / it will be a "new ball game".

Yet everyone always says "Games dont sell on Nintendo" yeah f*ck you third party how about trying to sell them instead of just releasing them and then whining? You had your chance with the WiiU you f*cked up really bad.

turkish411534d ago

no need the survey white ps4 bundle top 30 in the both amazon and gamestop best sellers list since july so this game gonna give huge boost ps4 sales npd report gonna be interesting

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OrangePowerz1535d ago

I know a ton of people who will get the white PS4 next week with Destiny, most of them had been 360 gamers last gen. At least comparing toy friends that survey pretty much matches what they will play it on.

Volkama1535d ago

Urch the white console and especially the white dualshock are ugly IMO.

Amazon uk had the normal black ps4 with destiny for about £330 the other day, much better choice IMO (unless the white bundle has something more included).

Aceman181535d ago


i have to disagree with you on the white system/controller. i have the white and blue DS4 controllers and the white one is way sexier than the standard black, and the blue one imo.

morganfell1534d ago

I already own 2 PS4s for different rooms in the house and still preordered the Glacier White PS4 for the bedroom. It's looks great. Just as I already owned all of the previous Sony Headsets including the latest Gold version, I still picked up the White Gold headset. That white just goes better with certain layouts and is sleek as hell.

OrangePowerz1534d ago


I don't think the white one looks bad, it just wouldn't fit for me because all of my equipment is black inclduing the TV stand.

lawgone1534d ago

So you know a ton of people that don't have a PS4 yet? Or are you saying they're getting an additional one.

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3-4-51535d ago

Attach Rate is a better indication.

thekhurg1535d ago

Not really. Way more PS4's in the public means a higher chance of players not interested in this specific game.

andibandit1535d ago


attach rate, being a percentage, kinda nullifies that

Why o why1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Units sold trumps attach rate. A 100 percent attach rate of 10 people is bested by 60 percent attach rate of 20 people. You do not need to match the attach rate to sell more.

mhunterjr1535d ago

@why o why

On the contrary, 100 units sold to a 1000 person userbase is far less impressive than 100 units sold to a 100 person user base. It's pretty juvenile to say one metric trumps the other.

It depends on what your trying to measure. Attach rate is more appropriate if your trying to gauge platform specific interested in the game.

Overall unit sales alone doesn't tell you much, especially since one console has a much larger installed base than the other. You'd naturally expect the more popular console to sell more software.

If your trying to figure out the effects of co-marketing, then you need to consider both the overall unit sales and the attach rate.

DanteVFenris6661535d ago

@hunter that wasn't his point. Bussiness men don't care how impressive it is. Even if the attach rate was higher on one it wouldn't matter it sold less which equals less money. Money talks, activision doesn't care about attach rate, they care about how many they sell. Attach rate doesn't matter, it's nice info but not needed. Attach rate maybe for a certain genres and research before a games development might be handy if you want to make main stream unoriginal crap but besides that it's pretty pointless

3-4-51534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

We are all kind of right. lol

It all must be factored in though and most likely Destiny will sell more on PS4 compared to XB1 because there are more owners to buy the game.

* IMO, a higher % of XB1 gamers will eventually own the game though, as Xbox has always been good with FPS games and getting people to buy them.

Either way, WE ALL get to play a really...potentially....awesom e game.

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Frisky1535d ago

Right, but still, if players own both PS4 and Xbox One consoles, yet they still want to play on PS4, which means PS4 copies of the game will sell more compared to Xbox One copies of the game.

Magicite1535d ago

Sony bet on a right horse.

solar1535d ago

the game will fail. MMO's have to be innovative to work. even though Destiny is a hybrid, i dont see it surviving.

KimoNoir1535d ago

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You just don't like the game

OrangePowerz1535d ago

That's like saying a game in any other genre needs to be innovative to be a success. It needs to be a good game to be a success.

DanteVFenris6661534d ago

3 players is not equal to an mmo. I know they advertised it as one but they surely most have no idea what one is. It's just a multiplayer shooter like borderlands. Most mmos are wow clones and don't do half bad so most mmos are nt innovative. And the one of the best ones that tried to be, eso was ridiculed for being to different for single player gamer and to different for mmo players.

MysticStrummer1534d ago

"MMO's have to be innovative to work."

Luckily it's not an MMO.

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TheWatercooler1535d ago

This is normal now for this generation. People don't want to buy multiplats for the inferior console

BallsEye1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

What a retarded article. So 851 people who got nothing better to do, voted on some reddit poll, and you give this "PS4 Destiny Players Outnumber Xbox One Players By 63% to 24%" and you give this misleading title? That's probably not even 0.1% of number of copies that gonna sell in first week. Ofcourse let's not forget what's the preffered console among reddit community.

Once official sales numbers are out, we can talk.


How did you come up with the "fact" that people who own both consoles buy destiny for ps4? Me and most of my friends from work got both consoles (sweet part of the job) and yet we're getting destiny on XO mainly because of xbox live and controller. When it comes to destiny ps4 version is exactly same as xbox one version.Same resolution, same FPS. It's down to prefference.

Redgehammer1534d ago

I would be surprised if the 360 was not the dominant platform. However, I like surprises.

MonsterChef1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Do you not know how polls work? Polls for a variety of things that we base are statistics on are formed from getting generally small sample sizes of the population from different types of geographical and demographic areas, you'd be surprised by how small the sample size is for other polls are that are much more important to our daily lives than one regarding a Game

Frisky1534d ago

Well first thing is that the article's title clearly mentions that this is a survey, which means the amount of people who contributed has no limit. Majority of people voted for PS4, now it doesn't matter if they have both the consoles or not, what matters is that PS4 copies of destiny will sell more.

Of course this survey was done on minute level and only near to 1k people contributed, but I'm sure the amount is still much more greater than people who come in the circle of "Me and most of my friends."

I guess you haven't seen beta comparisons, the game is equally optimized for both the consoles, but still, PS4 version is better than the Xbox One version in many cases.

Here, let me show you two similar Destiny beta screenshots running on PS4 and Xbox One. The first screenshot is from PS4 version of the game, notice the anti-aliasing, clouds, snow on the mountain, and above all, see the lights lined up on each side of the middle tower.

Now check out the similar scene from the game running on Xbox One, there is A LOT to notice, but just see, the lights on the middle two are completely missing from the Xbox One version.

NerdStalker1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Getting your knickers in a twist again balldeep, I mean balls eye, grow up your such a child, you complain at any positive sony ps4 press.

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MysticStrummer1534d ago

Eight words, what does Halo have to do with it?

I looked at what you replied to, and I really can't figure out your point.

MonsterChef1534d ago

He's simply stating that halo is going to have an attachment rate of 40%xbox one users and 60% ps4 users - end sarcasm I know halo is exclusive just wanted to point out how ridiculous his statement is, one word sales!!

noctis_lumia1534d ago

playing a 10 year old game ?
no thx destiny all the way

Codewow1534d ago

Don't forget the multi-votes and fanboys/girls

_-EDMIX-_1534d ago

Not to mention, it doesn't really make sense if you consider PS4 had 10 million units and XONE has like 5.

Of course the PS4 version will sell better.

Its basic math.

This is just Clickbait giving data that is so obvious just for the sake of being obvious.

ie "Did you know Madden did better on PS4?"


The_KELRaTH1534d ago

I did a survey at home and the results were astounding - 100% for PS4 0% for X1 but in my local Game store, where MS had offered really heavy staff discounts, the staff survey revealed a huge swing in favour of X1!!!

FanboyKilla1534d ago

Hmmmmmmm that is funny, considering how sony fans feel about online only games. I remember them bashing one not to long ago. Lol look at you now. Its all good ha? Lmfao welcome to the darkside muahaha haha muahaha ha ha ha.

jrshankill1534d ago

Yeah. Agreed 100%.

It was always a foregone conclusion that there would be more PS4 Destiny sales than Xbox One sales. Did we really need a survey and a pie chart?

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Chaostar1535d ago

It was always going to go in Sonys favour since PS4 is outselling Xb one ~2:1 worldwide right now but to have this much of the pie is really something. Just shows what a good marketing deal can do.

ramiuk11535d ago

i think alot of the reason this new gen is trust.
regardless of anything people dont trust MS as much

SouthClaw1534d ago

Yeah I really trust Sony with all their dirty tactics and fantastic security... Yeah I loved their network being down for over a month due to it being hacked ! yeah I really really trust them. Let me sign over my life savings to them and be blind by stupidness...

UltraNova1534d ago


I cant deny that you have a legitimate reason to mistrust Sony, when it comes to Network stability/security (even though they seem to have fixed most of the earlier issues) but let me ask you something.

Do you trust MS? The way I see it I prefer the risk of a hacker bringing down PSN for a while rather than NSA's constant spying. But that's me...

ramiuk11534d ago

@south the network was kept down so nobody could sign in and access certain info ,sony gave everyone free credit check serviceplus alot of other stuff,i agree it was incomptant and shouldnt of happened but they are learning and are a more trusted brand.
then we look at all the things MS have lied about since xb1 announce.
my main reason to get ps4 at launch is because i lost trust in MS and non of there leaders seem to be on same page,constantly lied regarding features,issues and imo this gen is important for MS to gain trust back fast

The_KELRaTH1534d ago

I feel "Trust" where 2 large corporates are giving the smile to your face and always sneaky and underhand behind your back is a bit optimistic.

ie. no mp3 codec support for user content but working fine for "paid content".

All the delays we kept reading about with racing games... then nearly a year later it turns out Sony had blocked existing wheel controllers - could you imagine the effect on PS4 sales if that info were known on release!!
MS have obviously been just as devious in other ways.

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solar1535d ago

this game will be dead in less then 2 months. mark my words. doesn't matter how much MS, Sony, Activision, Bungie plug the game. it wont survive.

harrisk9541535d ago

Lol.. let's revisit your completely unsupported and baseless comment in 2 months.

Aceman181535d ago

a lot of hate bro, a lot of hate lol. i believe it will be very successful.

S2Killinit1535d ago

I think it will be a massive success. did you know that Destiny has the record for the most preordered game EVER?

CryofSilence1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Even in the event that it is a subpar MMO (which we don't know), it will still have a long life because it has similarities with Halo--games which have communities years after release.

Outthink_The_Room1535d ago

@S2Killinit No. You're wrong. It's the most pre-ordered NEW IP. Which is vastly different since it's coming to 4 platforms, whereas most new IPs only came to 2 in the past.

Last generation, new big IPs did not go to PS2 and the OGXbox, since hardware was not even remotely close to what the 360 and PS3 offered.

@CryofSilence I disagree. The similarities to Halo are not indicative of the multiplayer modes. PvP in Halo is quite different from what players are getting in Destiny.

I don't think the multiplayer will hold up very long, especially when we got the amount of games coming in Oct and Nov that are going to pull players away.

It's not like there are only a few AAA titles coming in the next couple months. We're talking like 2 AAA titles a week starting later this month and ending in late November. No way does the Destiny fanbase stay strong enough.

_-EDMIX-_1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

LMFAO! least explain why please, as your claims are baseless, without reason thus make little sense.

I don't think Destiny will survive past a couple years because of what they've left open for other developers to capitalize on.

An actual large open world with real NPC quest vs kill quest by damn robots.

Space flight instead of a damn loading screen.

Its one of the worst universes I've ever seen (I'm literally not joking here) its really, really bad.

Zero connection between the actual events of the world, only shops exist in one hub area of the whole damn earth. Earth is pretty much just Russia and a tower the size of a super Wal Mart (not even that...NOT EVEN A SUPER WAL MART LMFAO)

They seem to leave WAY WAY WAYYYYY too much in the realm of "imagination".

Yet Star Citizen, No Man Sky have planetary flight, Star Citizen has a whole AI and player controlled Economy, along with many races, AI wars between planets etc.

THAT is epic, THAT is ground breaking, THAT is something to really marvel and wow over.

What Destiny is doing pales in comparison to Star Citizen, No Man Sky, The Division and many other games that will I assure you capitalize on many things Destiny is leaving on the table.

I'm pretty sure many Destiny fans in their minds dream of space flight instead of a loading screen.

A real economy, instead of a single damn shop that only exist in one area on earth.

They want a wilderness like Fallout, with NPC's telling stories of survival across a large open world, not those small, dead levels with nothing but brain dead enemies always in the same spots.

Sorry but if you like Destiny, you likely know of its flaws as do I. I'm buying the game DAY 1 and I still know of its flaws and will play it for what it is ,but I will also leave it in a heart beat to play what I originally wanted it to be.

Destiny today,

Borderlands 3

Star Citizen

No Man Sky

The Division

Tomorrow. I can either pretend to have flight in Destiny....or do the real thing in another game much more daring.

I'm surprised Bungie let some indie teams show them up on so many amazing concepts. I'm sure the IP will do well, but for how long? I'm sure looking to jump on The Division way more then Destiny.

(if both where releasing this fall, I would get The Division over Destiny EASY as Ubisoft at least knows what they are making. an MMO RPG)

The_KELRaTH1534d ago

It's got Co-op, SP, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, Skirmish and a hardcore variants.

In many ways it looks like they've taken elements from other great fun games like UT2004, Tribes 2, ETQW etc.
The main key element missing really is user created map content but that seems to be acceptable these days.

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Redgehammer1535d ago

Having just received a mind blowing surprise gift of a Xbox One, yesterday, I will be playing on both 360 and my new XO. My girl totally fried my circuits yesterday. I'm officially in the next gen !! woot woot!!

Jubez1871535d ago

Her real boyfriend probably got the PS4

Dontworrybhappy1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

In my opinion XBO is better. PS4 will get better though when Sony updates the UI. Im sick and tired of not having pins!
And really jubes? What are you 14?