Bungie Go To Meet Their Destiny

Baden of WGB writes: "Bungie are striding toward their Destiny, and who knows that the outcome will be? That's why we hope. We hope beyond hope that it won't be the next Halo, because we don't need another Halo. We hope it'll be the next stepping stone, the next great shaper of the industry. We hope, but because of the industry, we try to hope small, to not buy into the hype. Maybe we hope beyond hope that this time, the game meets the hype, and slays the hype C'mon, Bungie, deliver something awesome. Prove to the world that you aren't just Halo. Prove you can be more, prove you can do it again with a fresh IP. Prove that Bungie are one of the best not just because of Master Chief, but because you damn well know what you're doing."

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