7 Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Adventure Mode Starter Tips

Dealspwn writes: If you patiently waited all that time for the new-gen version of Diablo III you may be wondering what all the fuss is about Adventure Mode. Well, after you finish the campaign mode, you’ll be wanting to bag some serious XP and loot to keep the game feeling fresh and getting to Level 70 so you can explore the Paragon system and maybe start on a few new characters to share the additional benefits of your first demon slaying hero. So why not take a look at this week’s Sunday Seven which has a few starter tips to get you going on the next part of your quest for epic loot in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. Naturally, we’d love to hear any hints you’d like to share too.

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Cryptcuzz1554d ago

I'd also suggest doing split bounties with a group of friends. While in the party, each member goes about doing one bounty. That way you can farm the Horadric Caches's much faster that way, since the whole party receives that upon all five bounties being completed.

I'd also suggest playing it on a lower difficulty. Higher diffs have a higher chance of enemies dropping legendary items, but the amount of time to complete each bounty with enemies that have higher health is not worth it in the long run, when farming for Horadric caches. Once you farm for class specific legendary items is when you should be playing on at Torment difficulties.

Always strive to have sockets in your equipment to get your character become stronger than it normally would be. Don't worry about your DPS number that shows in the inventory screen.

Elemental attack increase (example: Fire skills 15-20%) and critical chance/damage increases on gears is much more important to boost. Your damage output can be double or even triple if you focus on those things instead of the DPS number shown in the inventory screen.