Upcoming Clash of Clans update gets first teaser: Wall upgrading

Gaming Everywhere: "Supercell Games has begun teasing features for the next Clash of Clans update, presumably coming later this week. In typical Supercell fashion, the developer today gave us sneak peeks at two new quality of life features in the update."

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thorstein1532d ago

Yay. Finally! This is one feature I have been thinking: WhyTF have they not implemented upgrading an entire wall. You can select it.

Palitera1532d ago

Also elixir has some utility now after you maxed your level... This comes probably from this issue of people having full elixir storages and nothing to do about it while farming gold for the last walls on the th level...

mgszelda11531d ago

Dumbed down versions of much better games

Palitera1531d ago

More like the great game that spawned an entire subgenre?

MoreRPG1532d ago

Im playing this and vikings gone wild. Very addictive games.