10 Video Game Remakes Fans Won’t Allow

For various reasons the ten games on this list are best left alone as the fans would go insane if the remade versions didn’t live up to their insanely high standards. Some games on this list might actually benefit from a revision but the risk just wouldn’t be worth it; it’s better to play it safe sometimes and leave things as they are.

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TWB1479d ago

I get that some games simply shouldnt be remade (unless the original version is extremely rare and hard to find or if it for some reason runs absolutely terribly/has bad compatibility) but Im all for full Shadow of the Colossus remake since it was a bit too ambitious on the PS2 to work flawlessly.

Sure when I think the game I remember it fondly but when I jump back and start playing I remember some of the BS and flaws the game has (most notably very imprecise climbing system where wander sometimes simply doesnt grab the surface properly, it always breaks the immersion)

Some of the time challenges and colossi are barely possible to pass without some god damned luck (Argus [hard mode] can go and eat a bag of dicks).

If they ever would make a remake, they would have to:

- Remake the animation system to be incredibly smooth so that colossi doesnt have to step around to turn towards the player or that the player doesnt have to fiddle around just to see wander stumble all over the colossus and be unable to stab the weak point at all. The games animations have held up against time very well but its still a necessary upgrade.

- Add a few more colossi (such as the removed ones) because they could be much more refined on modern technology (which was the reason why they removed them in the first place)

- Much better draw distance

- Give player more control over how you can stab the weak point. Currently you just have to struggle trough some of the colossi which simply dont allow the player to progress due to the limitations of the system itself (for example: animation system). For example, allow the player to distract the colossus by stabbing it in a specific place (much like you can do in the last fight) so you have a small gap where you can stab the colossus without it trying to constantly shake you off.

The game is not as sweet as some people might remember it being... I have played it trough 6 times on normal and yesterday finished playing it 7th time on hard mode.

Struggled on 15th colossus for like 2 hours, beated the last one in under 10 minutes.

wonderfulmonkeyman1479d ago

I don't think I could handle "the horse scene" in HD, though.
It was hard enough to bear when it wasn't super-realistic; I'd probably have depressing dreams if I saw such a moment in hd, even despite the ending...

Speaking of which, I think I would like to see some possible alternate endings, if they do indeed do a remaster.

TWB1478d ago

Oh yeah thats another thing.

I really didnt care for agro, most of the experiences that I had to go trough with him were pure pain.

Didnt feel anything when he "died"

Screamed BS when he came back.

Fighting agaisnt colossi that didnt require him felt better.

I bonded way more with the eagles than with agro, they welcomed me on my journey/adventure, they followed my progress and they closed my journey/adventure.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1479d ago

Can agree with the list for the most part.

MrSwankSinatra1478d ago

I hate it when people still argue that the hate for DmC was over the change of style when that is completely untrue. Sure initially that was what people complained about, but that is because we only had the CGI trailer to go off of. When they started showing actual game play then that's when people really got pissed and it didn't help that Ninja Theory were insulting the fans either.