10 Video Game Reveals That Blew Our Minds

This list takes a look at 10 of the greatest reveals from the history of gaming. From crazy twists that totally shook our understanding of the game’s universe to character revelations that had been hinted at from the very beginning, each of these reveals blew the minds of everyone playing. Be warned that there are massive spoilers ahead!

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Not today, whatculture! Put it all on one page or I'm not clicking!

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I hate sites that put each item on a different page.

Story Quality WTF

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10. Albert Wesker Is A Double Agent - Resident Evil
9. Tidus And Auron Are Dreams - Final Fantasy X
8. No Solid Snake, Only Raiden Now - MGS2:SOL (I agree, this was pretty nasty, to get whiny pretty boy instead of the legendary SS)
7. Elizabeth Is Booker’s Daughter - BioShock Infinite
6. Reznov Is Dead - COD Black Ops
5. Nicole Was A Hallucination - Dead Space
4. It’s A Computer Simulation - Assassin's Creed
3. We’ve Been Playing As The Origami Killer All Along - Heavy Rain
2. The Flood - Halo: CE
1. James Killed His Wife - Silent Hill 2
0. MGSV:TPP release this year?

Pretty good list and I agree with most of them.

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Auron was not a dream; he was dead.

kalkano1190d ago

To whoever disagreed, read the story section here:


I'm not sure how you got confused about it.