The Game Remakes Still To Come

A new generation of games console always brings along ports from the older generation to become filler on store shelves and to cash in on some extra bucks. We, as a gaming community are always vocal about the lack of original new games on a platform in the first year of launch. However, there are some games that are close to people’s hearts and are warranted a new gen remake, in order to rekindle that nostalgia from yesteryear. Here, we take a look at the up and coming games which have been remade or remastered for this generation

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1530d ago
thorstein1530d ago

Wait. How did you write an ENTIRE article on ONE PAGE!!?!!

Must be some kind of special voodoo magic.

Good article, well done and voted up.

hkgamer1530d ago

its impossible. 5 games listed and its not on 5 or more pages?
my brain cannot comprehend this.

wh0am11530d ago

I really enjoyed REmake when it was on the Cube.
I would love to play REmake again.

I wish Capcom would bring Dead Rising over to the PS4.
DR on Xbox360 was fantastic.

Agent_hitman1530d ago

That photo of RE3 brings back good memories. Until this day, fans are asking for any Resident Evil remakes. Though, I don't think CAPCOM would do it. I doubt it, they don't have enough money.

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