20 Things Only Resident Evil Fans Will Understand

As with any fandom, there are common experiences that unite all Resident Evil fans, particularly of the Old School games because let’s face it that’s where all the best stuff comes from.

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Gatsu1533d ago

A superb list :D, these 20 things are the kind of things which make older RE so amazing. I always loved the saveroom music, it was so heavenly and I was always like "phewww no monsters around" when hearing it ;D.

Also the slow door opening mechanic, even with heartbeats sometimes was fun. That one scene at Resident Evil 2 is still amongst my favorites, where you open the door slowly and those two zombies walk towards you xD! RE2 is maybe the best for me of whole series, William Birkin and Lickers caused me so many nightmares lol O__O; .