Dragon Quest Heroes for PS4/PS3 Gets First Screenshots, Chara Design by Akira Toriyama & a Surprise

Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment shocked Japan with the announcement of the return of the Dragon Quest franchise to PlayStation Platforms with the action JRPG Dragon Quest Heroes, and the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump included a special page with some goodies.

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WeAreLegion1530d ago

I didn't know it was releasing on PS3, as well. Will Sony have to wait until FFXV to have a system seller for PS4 in Japan? :/

WeAreLegion1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Whoops. Totally forgot Bloodborn. That should be a big seller over there.

Edit: I should have expected disagrees for that comment. -_- I'd prefer to get actual comments from you people, instead. That would be nice. Communication is a good thing.

NewMonday1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

almost every traditional Japness franchise will launch on the PS4, together they will push adoption, but the games need to be in stores first, the Japanese don't buy a console until they games they want are out. the 3DS and Vita needed time to get going over there too.

G20WLY1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

In fairness, you forgot both Bloodborne and Deep Down straight off the bat!

You're around often enough to be fully aware of these games. I disagreed and wouldn't have bothered to reply on this occasion, had you not requested - it just seemed pretty obvious FFXV wouldn't be the first potential system seller for Japan.

Additionally, there are bound to be one or two games that will shift systems that aren't even well covered in our regular media (or at least don't make headlines), since they are geared squarely towards Japanese gamers.

frenchtoast1530d ago

If it's just like Hyrule Warriors, I couldn't give a shit, I want a proper Dragon Quest game.

bouzebbal1530d ago

nothing wrong with the fact that PS3 and PS4 will get the same game. don't forget that PS3 install base is way higher and that it's a good thing Sony are still supporting PS3 owners with great games.

WeAreLegion1530d ago

Nothing wrong with that, but it would be nice to see bigger numbers for the PS4 in Japan.

bouzebbal1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

why is that? do you get % of each PS4 sold in japan? we're getting the game on PS4 that's what matters

ScottyHoss1530d ago

I like how you ask him a question when he has no bubbles :P expecting a response?

On the other hand, cross platform games can be good or bad. Good if it's something like Uncharted, pushing a series further but dragon quest is a mostly Japanese game. Sorry legion but the install base would hurt the game :/

Tetsdah1530d ago

That didn't stop TitanFall from shifting Xbox ones, despite it releasing for the 360 and PC. I think this and Persona 5 will still be system sellers in Japan. It's just that the devs are still playing it safe since the ps4 doesn't have a large enough install base in Japan yet.

And let's not forget that there will be more game announcements at the Sep. 17th press conference, so we'll see if they'll have PS4 exclusives and 1st Party PS4 exclusives to sell the PS4 in Japan. They just have to shift the reception of PS4 better in japan, and they're definitely throttling for that especially with Persona 5, Yakuza Zero, and Dragon quest all coming to the ps4.

3-4-51530d ago

Hopefully this builds a little more exposure for more traditional DQ games to head to the WEST.

killacal131530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Well, some people like the best experience, even if it's multiplatform some people might want to have the best version of their favorite game. This game is a must buy for Jrpg lovers, I think this choice to make it come out on both ps3 and ps4 was a wise one, no one should skip this game. Even if it seems a little musou, the devs themselves said it would't be, might have a few elements of it though, but for the most part I legit believe it'll just be a great Jrpg. This, Persona 5 and God eater 2 are some of my most expected games coming out.

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VsAssassin1530d ago

If this isn't a Musou game, I guess we can consider it a game much like Kingdom Hearts; however, the wealth of enemies on screen screams Musou.

Eonjay1530d ago

I mean, they keep saying its an Action RPG. But if you want to know for sure, they are suppose to show the first real gameplay on Sept 20 at TGS.

Drithe1530d ago

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!! Please come out over here to the US!

Debaitable1530d ago

I've never been a big fan of of DR'S battle screen. I've always been accustomed to the likes of Final Fantasy where you can actually see your character. This has piqued my interest though. I kinda wish it's was strictly ps4 only.

jonboi241530d ago

I can easily see this coming West and being published and the localization being funded by Sony. Though I could only see them doing this for the PS4 version as it needs an action RPG.

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