Digital Foundry vs Dead Rising 3 on PC

Eurogamer - Before the Xbox One celebrates its first birthday this November, a pair of its exclusive launch titles - Dead Rising 3 and Ryse - will have made their way to PC. Dead Rising 3 is perhaps the more interesting and ripe for an enhanced PC release, with its large urban environment and dense zombie mobs. Capcom Vancouver helmed this conversion itself and we were excited to see what the studio might achieve on the less restrictive PC platform. The developer's previous PC work on Dead Rising 2 wasn't particularly stellar, with plenty of performance issues on hardware well beyond the recommended specs, but still, we were optimistic.

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nX1561d ago

It's a mess but I'm able to play it in 1080p with 70fps that drop to 50fps sometimes. I can't confirm any crashes or freezes but I ran into some unbelievable bugs and texture pop-ins during my 6 hours with the game already. Still it's a very enjoyable game and I'm glad to have waited for the PC version.

MRMagoo1231561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Jeez you must have a heck of a rig , total biscuit has a titan in his and playing at 1080p drops his frames to under 30 fps in the more populated areas , most of the time it's sitting under 50. I was going to get it but my gt 450 and my other pcs 550ti can't even hit the lowest settings needed.

KYPRIME1561d ago Show
JackOfAllBlades1561d ago

Was that really necessary KY Prime?

MRMagoo1231561d ago


I can imagine you will get a ban for that comment , especially considering it was completely unprovoked, homophobic and offensive. All I mentioned was total biscuit having a hard time running this game on a titan and you feel the need to say that.

TardcoreGamer1561d ago

The game is heavily CPU limited just like GTAIV was, I'd suspect. There is no other reason a $1000 card like a Titan shouldn't be able to run this game at, at least 60fps consistently.

Waiting for about 4 patches and two price drops later until a buy it;)

ProjectVulcan1561d ago

Yeah, it's in a poor state right now but it's fairly easy to hit 1080p/30 locked.

Give it 6 months and it'll have had a patch or two and 3 or 4 driver iterations, it'll run miles better and be on sale for about $10 no doubt

Meltic1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

i have allso a decent rig and i can play on medium settings without any except the cutscenes , BUT the cutscenes is a mess, so many pop ups in the back and sometimes the cutscenes is so laggy. I bought it 10% off from steam and i even downloaded the pirated version to try out if it was better and it was the same... its so bad optimized. And release the game without a day 1 patch isn't good. Just look at destiny. It will have a day one patch and other games... too bad its a very funny zombie game. Probl the best out yet on pc.

nX1561d ago

Well he probably has an unbalanced rig, I'm using only a GTX780 but with a i7 4770k so I don't have the CPU bottleneck. With so many zombies on screen graphics is not as performance heavy as AI and such.

LookAtYou1561d ago

Not sure if he's running a bad bootleg copy or maybe I got lucky, but I'm running it at full settings with a gtx 760 4gb edition and an i5 stays around a constant 60 fps

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born281561d ago

You must have some space age gpu cpu combo at 1080p (Advanced settings) this game flattens my 3770k OC @ 4.5ghz + GTX 770. Too bad they don't have sli profile's ready yet caues my second card is on the side line growling and ready to help bite in to this one.

tee_bag2421561d ago

Use Batman Arkam Nvidia Inspector compatibility bits to get SLI working. PM me if you need help.

Mega241561d ago

It's poorly optimized, maybe it will be fixed with time.

fullmetal2971561d ago

I already that the PC version of Dead Rising 3 was a half-baked port when I read that it was going to be capped at 30 frames, but I didn't know that the game actually ran worst than the Xbox One. They are most defiantly not going to get my money.

nX1561d ago

It's most certainly not running worse than the X1 version, where'd you get that from? It's running perfectly at 1080p/60fps for me but it's still nowhere near optimized.

RedDeadLB1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

While it is a horrible port that runs like crap, it's still an excellent game I can't stop playing.

I didn't unlock the framerate, I'm happy with it running maxed out @ 1080p30fps solid because I know it can't run at 60fps whatsoever.

Just do yourself a favor, don't do a tech analysis - just play the game. You'll enjoy it.

EDIT: Plus, it's been known from the start that it's going to be a lousy port. Capcom themselves stated so.

vandal GAB1561d ago

Totally agree, leaving the fps cap at 30 and it runs great on my system I'm having a lot of fun with the game! I'm enjoying being surprised how many ways there is to kill zombies and there certainly is a lot of them to kill.

kevnb1561d ago

many people need to stop running fraps and checking if they have fps drops they wouldnt otherwise notice...

kingduqc1561d ago

Crappy port, better then the xbone. Exlected frankly.

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