Nintendo Channel Goes Stats Crazy!

Ever wanted to know the time gamers spent playing one of your favourite WiiWare titles, or how many times played? Well now you can in the Nintendo channel (and live in North America!)

Not only can you find out info about WiiWare, you can view stats on all Nintendo games, including Virtual Console.

For those who have opted into the service (most likely a large minority) you can now view all the data which Nintendo has collated about a game. For example: LostWinds has been played 48,689 times at 3.4 hours per person. From this you can try and figure out how many units of the game might have actually been sold for the first time.

In addition to this you can see if a game is considered to be good for anyone or "gamers", or people think it is casual or hardcore, or best played alone or with friends. With this information at your fingertips the possibilities are endless!...

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