Top 5 Xbox 360 Games PS3 Fanboys Wish They Had

via - "We realize that some of you 360 owners probably weren't all too thrilled with seeing the best PS3 games of your dreams paraded in front of you in last week's article, but as promised, we've turned the tables, and are now highlighting the best games for the Xbox 360 that make Sony fanboys question their gaming way of life. Sure there have been some losses such as BioShock, but Microsoft's console is still packing plenty of titles for PlayStation fans to wonderingly stare at through their 360 owning neighbor's windows and possibly even knock on the door. Here are the top 5 reasons why they should."

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Erasmus3835d ago

I'd imagine quite a few sony fanboys are upset over Ace Combat 6 being a 360 exclusive as well.

kingOVsticks3835d ago

its a timed exclusive its coming out for the PS3 soon though

Hydrolex3835d ago

Saints Row 1
Splinter Cell 5

that's all

Organic_Chemistry3835d ago

Scratch off a few on that list. I love survival horror so yes Dead Rising and Alan Wake are the only two games I'd ever want to be on the PS3. And maybe GOW, no not God of War, oh wait thats a PS3 exclusive!

Rofflecopter3835d ago

they would all be nice, but as an owner of both i have to disagree with halo 3. i already traded it in. the only problem is that the other games are/will be on PC as well.

stunt2133835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Final Fantasy XII
3. Little Big Planet
4. Resistance 2
5. Gran Turismo 5

.... the list is endless

marinelife93835d ago

No Halo 3 for me please. Didn't finish the first. Barely played the second.

Picking up Mass effect for PC

Gears looks great though wish I had that on PS3 even though the 4 vs 4 multiplayer isn't appealing to me at all

Fable on the other hand was great! Enjoyed every minutes of it. I'm sure Fable 2 will be a really good game.

Dead Rising LOL

Sayai jin3835d ago

Man, I predicted this. When the other article came out about the top 5 PS3 games 360 owners wish they had, most of the comments were unbiased and non complaining. But the tables have turned and just as I predicted it would not be as well accepted the other way around. You can disagree or agree, but go and look at the other article yourself and see for yourself.

TruthBTold3835d ago

Dead Rising, Fable 2 and GeOW 1 and 2 and someone also mentioned Alan Wake which looks like it will have a great story because just by watching the teaser trailer I am interested. For me I dont care much about Halo and Mass Effect, just not my type of games, not that they suck or anything but just dont seem interesting. I will get Fable 2 for PC like I did with Fable one which I loved, truly a great game, story, gameplay, and just so much fantasy in it which I love. Im sure Fable 2 will surpass the first one. Those are my honest picks.

barom3835d ago

360 games that I want as a PS3 owner is:

Too Human
Gears Of War series
Mass Effect
Ninja Gaiden 2 (despite reviews, I like the action)
Crackdown (never played it, but everyone comparing inFamous to it and I really like the look of inFamous)

I honestly couldn't care less about Halo 3 or Dead Rising. Fable 2 looks interesting but not interesting enough to the point that I would've bought it day 1.

Bubble Buddy3835d ago

Gears, Dead Rising, and Fable 2, you can keep the rest.

Yipee Bog3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Dead rising got traded in after 2 days, and I don't trade in games. mass effect is great, I see why people would want that, its really good. But on pc: mass effect, Gears, prolly halo 3 soon (don't care though boring), and fable 2. Got fable on pc, liked it, played it once through (I should play it again though). Hint to ps3 owners, get a good pc, worth the money instead of buying a new console, or even wanting to buy another console.

rexor07173835d ago

Who are they kidding. MS can keep Halo, I've seen what I am "missing". I only want Gears. Thats all.

Superfragilistic3835d ago

@Sayai jin

I remember reading your comment in the other article and thought the exact same thing. Great minds think alike. :) Bubbles!


If it's an endless list please continue...

MADGameR3835d ago

But I wish Halo 1 was for PS3 and had online feature like PC accept better would PWN. Infact Halo online PC is more fun than Halo 2 and 3 COMBINED. Halo 1 was the only great Halo game.

season0073835d ago

hmm i don't really need the rest and i do have a pretty nice computer, some of the rest should be on PC pretty soon

Other then that i could come up with top 1 game a PS3 fan wants from Wii, Monster hunter 3 with PSP style control and PS3 style graphics...and yes PSN type online+in game XMB

jtucker783835d ago

I own a PS3 and not a 360 and I agree with the list although not in the same order.
I'm not as bothered about Halo3 purely because both consoles have CoD4 and I'm happy enough playing that.

Dead Rising I would definitely like.
Fable 2 - I'd wait for reviews before I pass judgement on it.
Gears 1 & 2 - if 2 is anything like 1 then I would definitely want that game.
And Mass Effect - Who wouldn't want Mass Effect. The game looks amazing.

5. Halo
4. Fable 2
3. Dead Rising
2. Mass Effect
1. Gears 2

Pnuts3835d ago

Tekken 6, Kilzone 2, Home, Little Big Planet, Mafia 2,Resistence 2, Motorstorm 2, Bioshock is now coming to ps3 with improved graphics, so the ps3 and xbox have countered each other out with games. Also METAL GEAR 4 is awsome!

gaffyh3835d ago

I have a 360, but none of these games are really that great. The only game that I think maybe I would want on PS3 would be Gears of War.

Mass Effect is sooo short, I mean I did pretty much every side mission posssible and it took me 15 hours to complete, and then I realised that if I just did the main game, it's only 5/6 levels (planets) long.

Oh yeah Halo is just hype, it was OK but not great. Dead Rising just sucks I started playing it like months ago and haven't even put it back into my 360 ever again, it's so boring doing the same thing over and over again.

poopface13835d ago

I didnt even think it would be cool but I rentend it in feburary and I was surprised at how awsome it is. It wasnt that short, It took me like 20+ hours to beat it my first time only doing some side missions. I think some of the side missions were boring, but there isnt much in space but rocks and crap. The chracters are awsome and you can make choices that will actually make a difference in the game. I still want to get it so I can play it a second time choosing all the ahole things to do and say. for example instead of being good and talking through a bad situation, you just yell out "NOW you DIE!" and kill everyone.

Whats the point of a list, ps3 fanboys only like games that say ps3 on it. Doesnt matter what its about, if it says ps3 they like it, if it says 360 they HATE it. But even I have a 360 and had no idea how awsome mass effect was untill I tried It. Someone mentioned crackdown too. thats a pretty cool game. The way you approach the targets can be different every time and co-op might be fun too.

Kaneda3835d ago

dead rising is so last gen..

CrazedFiend3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Ok, reguardless of the game, its understandable Halo would be on this list simply because Halo is like the Mario of Xbox. But I don't think that FANBOYS have been given too great an impression of Halo3. Hell, I have a 360 and even I've changed my mind about getting it.

It honestly could be a great game, but the majority of what I see on the net gave me the impression that Halo3 made a lot of its sales by simply riding the wave of its own hype tsunami.

NOTE: I want to emphisise MAJORITY here. So if you personally feel that Halo 3 was pinnacle of gaming greatness, and it pwns all other games, especially PS3 games, then fine for you. But unless you've got hords of minions to flood the net with you, that's not gonna change much.

No, I personally think the list should look more like this:

5. Dead Rising (If the Japanese liked it, then you know it would do just fine in Sony land)

4. Gears of War

3. Gears of War 2 (Was there any real reason to count these as 1 game other than to slap Halo 3 at the top of the list?)

2. Mass Effect (Not my kind of game, but moreso than Halo 3, this game seemed to have left a pretty good impression with those who've played it)

1. Ninja Gaiden 2 (It's new, ads are EVERYWHERE, and XBOX players (including me) are LOVING this game!)

Now, my personal list would actually be a little different, but thinking about FANBOYS, I think this is a little more accurate than a list with Halo3 on it. Besides, I think the release of COD4 killed any REAL chance of Halo3 making this list.

heroman7113834d ago

only games i would want is gears of war 2 and halo 3

RememberThe3573834d ago

I think the only reason why this list is getting crap is because it's not good. We're talking about Sony fanboys here not Xbox fanboys who own a PS3. The two systems have different fanboy followings. So heres my list of Xbox exclusives that "real" Sony fandoys want:
1.Mass Effect (but that might be coming anyway)
2.Star Ocean 4
5.Too Human
That my list of what I can remember is a 360 exclusive. You don't like it? OK.

ECKOo93834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

The list should have said Halo 1. I played all the way through Halo 3 and a couple hours on the live. Let's be honest it's an over hyped piece of crap. Halo 1 is increadible and a load better than both Halo 2 & 3. I have a PS3 my bro has XBOX 360 and not even he is buying Halo 3 cause it blows chunks.

Gears totally wish I had it on my PS3. Mass affect was boring. Fable maby, it doesn't have multilayer, a solid rent. I personally thought that after an hour dead rising was boring, maby others but not me at all.

O and the reason I somewhat switched to exclusive PlayStation is because Halo was the only good game on it and Halo 2 sucked that bad. I cried about how bad it was compared to the last one.

uie4rhig3834d ago

my list:
Halo 3/series
Too Human
Gears Of War 2

rest I couldn't care less about, and ME1 is on PC, and GoW1 is PC as well :) oh and BioShock 2 as well

CrazyMystical3834d ago

5. Dead Rising: is retarded, i had more fun with pixel junk monsters.

4. Fable 2: utter BS, we have FF13.

3. Gears of War 1 & 2: meh this is just eye candy & its appeal is fading due to all the good looking games that came & is coming.

2. Mass Effect: the only decent one here, plus rumors are still floating that we might get this one.

1.Halo 3: WHAT THE F#@%, really do i even have to give an example to why playstation owners would want this garbage?

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wetowel3835d ago

Halo 3 is the most overrated game ever IMO and I would never want to see it on the ps3. The rest of that list is true tho.

thewhoopimen3835d ago

I agree... excluding Halo 3, I would be green for the rest.

littletad3835d ago

I would never want Halo on a Playstation system. The controller/game pairing would be just awful. Almost like a wedding with an Elvis impersonator.

znu3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

i don't care how "overrated halo was" i would love to see it on ps3

how can you deny a game like that, it doesn't suck, its an amazing game, easily a 9/10 from me.

It's a good game, and you can't deny that. I wouldn't mind any game coming to the ps3, more games = better and that would get many 360 users to pick the Playstation brand over Xbox(no offense)


here come the rabid fanboy disagreers who can't say anything to me so they just click disagree

why do u care if halo comes to ps3, just don't buy,

BTW i do have a ps3 incase ur wondering, my psn is znu

Edit #2

wow everyone hates me eh :(
why can't we have a real no fanboy zone...

Polluted3835d ago

Yup. I don't deny being jealous of almost every game on that list, but I couldn't care less about that Halo BS. Fable 2 along with the new hardware coming this summer might just make me finally pick up a 360.

InMyOpinion3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"The most horrid example possible, one that will twist the gut of any PS3 fan reading this. For even the name Halo is but a revolting curse in the world of PlayStation fandom, and to have any love for Master Chief is to in effect harbor warm feelings towards the entire Xbox brand that he so symbolically represents. Sony fans can deny it all they want, but the Halo series remains one of the most influential console FPS games of our time and is arguably the main reason that the 360 exists today. Given the difference that Halo has made, and success it has brought to all things Xbox, there’s no reason why PS3 fans would not wish for an alternative history where Sony got a hold of Bungie’s masterpiece instead of Microsoft. You will never get a Sony fanboy to even acknowledge the prominence or quality of the Halo series, but we all know that it would have flourished on any system."

RebornSpy3835d ago

"You will never get a Sony fanboy to even acknowledge the prominence or quality of the Halo series"

that statement must have been directed toward N4G...

I personally was glad Mass Effect was on it. That is definitely one of my favorite 360 games, but sometimes I feel like it is overlooked. It is a must haves for scifi fans. PS3 fans can get it for the PC, as is the case for Gears of War.

Sometimes I feel like a few PS3 owners got shafted by Valve when they just got EA to port the game, ultimately selling an inferior version to PS3 gamers. They may want a better version. Also Left 4 Dead could fit the list, as he mentions some games that aren't even out yet and games that are on the PC as well...

reccodog3835d ago

Halo is very overrated. I have played through it and I don't like it. It is way to boring. I almost fell a sleep right on the xbox 360, And you know how loud it is... anyways don't care for fable or dead rising.
The game I would like to see is Bioshock but good thing it is coming to the ps3! LOL

Megaton3835d ago

Personally, I'd much rather have Beautiful Katamari than Halo 3. Too many FPS titles nowadays.

Superfragilistic3835d ago

@Jenzo & RebornSpy & znu

Agree guys. The author explained the Halo hate pretty succinctly and it's well backed up by the comments here on N4G.

"You will never get a Sony fanboy to even acknowledge the prominence or quality of the Halo series, but we all know that it would have flourished on any system."


If you think Halo 3 is about the campaign you are sadly misinformed and/or ignorant. Halo 3's online functionality, user generated content and coop campaign were so far ahead of its time that it won't be until the release of Resistance 2 (more than a year later) that we are likely to see as well integrated online features, and yet even then we'll have to buy LittleBigPlanet to design levels "Forge" like and hope they have a film and screenshot editors. :)

If you were a true gamer you'd realise that not acknowledging the innovations and technical leaps that Halo 3 took in the online space is like ignoring how emotionally gripping and cinematic MGS4 is.

Be a gamer not a hater. :)

Superfragilistic3835d ago

Despite that I hold all platforms of this gen plus my trusty PS2 and Gamecube if I were to recommend five titles to a PS3 owner they would be under the caveat that they must have XboxLive (otherwise the whole point of an Xbox is diminished). The titles...

5) Too Human
4) Fable 2
3) Gears of War 1/2
2) Mass Effect
1) Halo 3

Plus Forza 2, Viva Pinata and Lost Odyssey if they wanted a couple of extras. :)

As for PS3 titles for a 360 owner.

5) Final Fantasy XIII
4) Resistance 2
3) LittleBigPlanet
2) Uncharted
1) MGS4

Plus GT5, Folklore and GOW3 for some added variety in the future. :)

And just for good measure.

5) Metroid 3
4) Legend of Zelda
3) Super Smash Bros Brawl
2) Resident Evil 4
1) Super Mario Galaxy

Plus Boom Blox, Zac & Wiki and Deadly Creatures for games entirely unique to the Wii's controls. :)

RememberThe3573834d ago

It's not Halo hate. I'm not seeing hate anywhere. All these guys are saying is that they didn't like the game. Thats not hatin, sorry. Halo was awesome, since then, crap. Thats hating. I truly cannot seen how Halo 3 got 9's and 10's. The truth is that Halo 3 was not a bad game at all. It just wasn't excellent or top of the line. Beat it once didn't play it again. It's a mediocre shooter that doesn't really do anything special except for the bad ass Master Chief and the music was awesome. By the way, way didn't they play that much music in the game the score was really good?

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cain1413835d ago

Glad to see a follow up from last week...

Surprised Halo was number one though...

aubradley3835d ago

This is why it's so much easier to just bite the bullet and buy both systems, no deep angst for missing out on exclusives.

Erasmus3835d ago

Definitely. I own both systems and it's great to be able to enjoy what both platforms have to offer.

Shankle3835d ago

I just upgraded my computer for fear of RROD.

deeznuts3835d ago

Get a PC, which some might have anyway, and you get most of the two.

ChampIDC3835d ago

Sure, that's the easy way out, but not everyone has the money or feels like dishing out the money to do so. Personally, I own a 360, and I have nothing against PS3(don't like the controller much, but it's a good console), but I don't feel like dishing out the money for a couple of exclusives. It's just not worth it to me.

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