5 Ways Nintendo Can Bring Metroid Back to 2D

Some established franchises just feel more natural in 2D. Even though Racketboy love the Metroid Prime series, they still long for the polished 2D gameplay of the earlier installments. Just for fun, Racketboy wanted to think about five different projects or ideas that would suit Nintendo just fine in filling the 2D drought that they have experienced since the GBA Metroids.

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TheHater3831d ago

If nintendo release a 2D metroid on the Wii, then I will buy it, and play the game over at my cousin house. 2D metroid games are some of the best 2d games I every played, and they are some of my favorite. 2D metroid forever

BIoodmask3831d ago

the best Metroid ever was Super Metroid for SNES. The Prime series is awesome but still second best in my opinion.

sumfood4u3831d ago

SNES really went all out an who ever said 2d is out really needs there head examine! More 2D Metroids will be so awesome!

f7897903831d ago

Metroid only works for me in 2D. The worms franchise tried 3d and people didnt like it so they went back to 2d.