PSP Firmware 4.00 Officially Announced!

Sony announces the PSP will receive a new firmware update soon. The update will include:
- Google Internet search (accessible directly from XMB)
- Video Speed (up/down buttons while playing a video from Memory Stick PRO Duo)

Eric Lempel writes:
"I wanted to give you all a heads up that a new PSP system software update, v4.00, will be released soon, adding Google Internet search directly to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface.

This new upgrade replicates the Google Internet search experience, delivering the same search results that you'd get at And with a search history recall of 20 items, Web searches couldn't be easier.

After you download and install the firmware on your PSP, click on the XMB's Network icon and then the new Internet Search icon. Enter your keywords and then let Google's algorithms do the work. You'll need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless access point or Wi-Fi hotspot. Googling something on the go has never been more convenient on your PSP.

Another new feature delivered through the 4.00 update is the ability to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on your Memory Stick PRO Duo, so you can speed through or slow down what you're watching. To do this simply press the up or down directional buttons while playing a video. Enjoy!"

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StalkingSilence3830d ago

Or even PS3 Firmware v2.36 as rumored today on the internet.
I'm hoping that due to the release of both a PSP firmware (and forthcoming PS3 firmware), we'll see some slick updates to the Remote Play capabilities.

Sev3830d ago

Congrats on what is shaping up to be the hottest story on N4G.

Drekken3830d ago

OOO Dont leave us hanging with that remark Sev!

Kaneda3830d ago

whatever happened to psp and ps3 connect play??

SiLeNt KNighT3830d ago

progress is always great news but for a 'major' update... 4.0. this is kinda weak. dont get me wrong, i like the added functions, its just kind of a small update for a major release number. usually they reserve the whole numbers 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc for the HUGE updates. i suspect a ps3 firmware update for sure now that the psp is getting one.

mepsipax3830d ago

How long do you think Dark Alex will take to crack this and come up with v 4.00 custom firmware? maybe a week?

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SUP3R3830d ago

Great for PSP.
I hope this means the PS3 Firmware 2.4 announcement is this week as well.

TheMART3830d ago

Uhm is this all???

I expected some more from the new 4.00 firmware...

DrWan3829d ago u even have a psp, if not, please stfu

MaximusPrime3830d ago

nice one!

I have PSP for many years and still lovin it!

great to hear another firmware update ;)

-Neon-3830d ago

Meh......I'll stick with M33 3.90...

Ri0tSquad3830d ago

Lol, they get there own firmware updates anyways.

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The story is too old to be commented.