MGS4 Install Recommendations from a fan that's tired of waiting : "I have to admit the first time I popped my disc into my PS3, I thought it was cool to see Snake smoking a cigarette. It was really nice to see what I had to look forward to during my game play experience while I waited. After I had to sit through the same thing a second time, I was ready for him to do something else. Like clean his gun, fill out an AARP application, or trim his mustache with his knife.

That was until I met a little white Monkey with an addiction to soda and cigarettes. I figured that maybe the install screen should be filled with little caffeine fueled Monkey hijinx. It seemed like a good idea at the time."

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Mr_Showtime13831d ago

I was kind o waiting for snake to do something else, but it is cool how his face changes, without giving to much away to those who havent played it.

A recap of the story would have been nice also.

Pornlord3831d ago

Well, I liked his Naomi (Imoan backwards by the way) idea with her, maybe in little leather piece with a red ball strapped in her mouth, like in my dreams. The monkey another good idea though. They should have let you play more of MGS2 or 3 mini games.

BulletToothtony3831d ago

i don't know why people feel pressured to go and whine so much about mgs4.. it's really sad to see this..

himdeel3831d ago

...or one of the previous NES MSX versions during the loading screen would have been VERY nice addition.

devilhunterx3831d ago

actually i agree with that. the monkey is hilarious when he ask for a smoke.

Sheddi3831d ago

yeah i also hate those installs, but love the game :)
(hate installs in general)

Chris Bosh3831d ago

Yo it's like 10 minuites long.
Wats wrong wit u.

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The story is too old to be commented.