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Sarcastic Gamer Reviews Metal Gear Solid 4

Sarcasticgamer.com : "Once you're past the 8 minute initial install (with more installs to follow at the start of each Act in the storyline) and you've chosen your difficulty, you're thrown straight into the defining icon of the Metal Gear Solid series. Nope, not stealth action, nor is it loud, all-out gunplay… it's that timeless little thing known as the cut-scene. They're back, bigger than ever, but at the same time they're better than ever.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being ridiculously biased here. I didn't really follow the philosophical junk that Hideo (Kojima, head of the Kojima Productions development team at Konami and Metal Gear director) tried to mix in with the storyline either, and it became a bit of a confused mess. MGS3 players will have noticed the greater injection of emotion into the proceedings of the tale of Big Boss, and in MGS4 the prescription is even greater." (Culture, Industry, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) -

resistance100  +   2215d ago
'If I was a ratings sort of person, I’d probably give it 10 out of 10. Unfortunately, I just don’t think any sort of rating can justify Guns of the Patriots. It’s been 3 years in the making, it looks incredible, plays like nothing else out there, and there’s a huge online element I’ve not even mentioned yet (keep your eyes peeled for a review of that in the coming days too). The sheer amount of work that’s gone into this game is evident, dripping from the pore of every single character on screen. It’s good to quit while you’re ahead, and Kojima’s chosen just the right time. It’s been a fun ride, Snake: it’s just a shame we wont be riding with you again.'

Agree 100%
Time Lord  +   2215d ago
That was good review
it really was, don't know why people are reporting it
LGFreedom  +   2215d ago
Great review
Good stuff, yet again from Sarcastic Gamer.
juuken  +   2215d ago
Nice review and I agree about those Gekkos. These things scared the crap out of me when I first started playing.
G1TR4P3D  +   2215d ago
that's cuz you're a girl
juuken  +   2215d ago
Um...no, that's not the reason.
Nice pass on an insult though but I laughed.
LJWooly  +   2215d ago
I think people are reporting it becaused the sample paragraph sounds negative. Even contributors don't bother to read the news, what a shame.
Tryst  +   2215d ago
Yeah, thats exactly what I thought until I read the review.
Coke-a-Cola  +   2215d ago
One of the Best Reviews Out there ........... Smart and Charming like the game MGS4
PirateThom  +   2215d ago

Just saw an ad for Metal Gear Solid 4 on TV.

It was pretty much just a compilation of action scenes with PlayStation 3 logos at the start and the end and a cool voice over. It was pretty intese for the 10 seconds it lasted.
Veryangryxbot  +   2215d ago
Essentially, another perfect 10 score.
Hot damn, this shiat just dont stop, now does it.

Bots have lost track in the many many perfect 10s already as they no longer commenting.

And guess what, no 1000 dollar worth of goodies were used either. So now what?

Can you smell the blood? Last thursday, 360 took a serious punch in the face. But the beating continues everyday after that.
InMyOpinion  +   2215d ago
The only thing I thought was annoying was the time you have to spend in hiding if you get spotted by enemies. First there's the Evasion counter then the Caution counter, which sometimes starts over. All in all you have to wait around 3 mins to be safe everytime you get spotted. Gets kind of annoying. Other than that it's an excellent game.
DarK-SilV  +   2215d ago
Jenzo are you playing the game
If dont mind me asking ,did you have Ps3 before or you just bought one
what is your rating for the game
InMyOpinion  +   2215d ago
No, my friend owns one. I've only played it for about 2½ hours or so. I love stealth games so my rating is a 10. Even if you're not into stealth games it's a must-have if you like games with great stories and high production values.

The gameplay elements themselves felt pretty much like in the previous games, except for the addition of your auto-camo suit and the little robot, MK II. But you approach it the same way. Didn't notice much difference in the enemy AI either, but what stands out are the surroundigs and the attention to detail throughout the game(from what I played at least).

If you own a PS3, get it.
DarK-SilV  +   2214d ago
I finished the game, a masterpiece
Anyway good to know that you like it

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